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This is Chrome Hill

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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Editor's Info:
"The band Chrome Hill is back, and wow, what a record they have made! Once again with the kind of attitude of a fearless newcomer: “This is Chrome Hill”, says the cover title of this new opus. But Chrome Hill is far from any newcomer! Asbjorn Lerheim, Atle Nymo, Torstein Lofthus and Roger Arntzen keep changing the parameters and inner aspects of their music from record to record, and they have dug deeper inside the purpose of playing Americana songs, in their case a mix of Appalachian folk, Delta blues and cowboy rock, within a jazz frame and feeling. No American musician could do it this way – only a group of foreigners (these guys are from Norway) would have the necessary cultural distance to arrive at something like this. And if it sounds so natural, it’s because we’re facing some of the very best sound creators around, people with big ears, full knowledge of what they do and an incredible musical imagination. You don’t want to miss it!

Asbjorn Lerheim baritone guitar
Atle Nymo tenor saxophone
Torstein Lofthus drums and vibraphone
Roger Arntzen double bass

1. Clockwork
2) Limbo
3) Ascend
4) Interlude
5) 10-4
6) Particle
7) Within
8) Light

wydano: 2020-11
nagrano: Recorded by Bard Ingebrigtsen and Kim Lillestol at Amper Tone, Oslo, Norway, November 25-27, 2019

more info: www.cleanfeed-records.com


Clean Feed (POR)
Chrome Hill
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