Complicite [3CD]

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Trzy płyty będące zapisem trzech wyjatkowych koncertów: #1 CD Paul Plimley / John Oswald, #2 CD Marilyn Crispell, #3 CD Cecil Taylor

Editor's info:
Of Trees, Limbs and Springs Three pianists-Cecil Taylor, Marilyn Crispell and Paul Plimley-and an alto saxist-John Oswald-gathered to play, in a triple-header that meandered blissfully and chaotically, and showed us a vision of measured abandon. Freedom rang out, amidst floating bits of structure and melody, and it also stretched out over three hours (which seemed like less, a sign that music is working, and time is being artfully subverted). And it's a very good thing, indeed, that it is now captured for posterity on a recording. The occasion turned out, through serendipitous circumstances, to be festive, and also historic. Complicitéwas surely in this house, this evening. Obviously, an intensely personal expression is involved in the work of solo improvisers on this high of an order. Yet there is also a negation of the usual musical hierarchies, which makes this music so brimming with a kind of idealism, unveiled in very real time. What happened in Victoriaville that night, in a temporarily re-functioned hockey rink, was some kind of magic. Josef Woodard, April, 2001

Les 3 concerts ont été enregistrés au 17ičme Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville le 22 mai 2000 par pour l'émission Le Navire Night.


Les Disques VICTO (CA)
Paul Plimley / John Oswald / Marilyn Crispell / Cecil Taylor
Complicite [3CD]
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