Mikkel Nordso Band featuring Palle Mikkelborg & David Sanborn: Diving in Space for 3 Decades

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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
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Wydawnicto Audiofilskie

kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
opakowanie: digipackowe etui
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"Gitarzysta Mikkel Nordso, na przestrzeni lat nagrywał i koncertował z wieloma interesującymi muzykami: Marilyn Mazur, L. Subramaniam, Kavita Krishnamurthi, Stanley Clarke, George Duke, Tomas Clausen, Gary Burton, Lan Doky's group z Davidem Sanbornem, Randy Brecker, Terri Lyne Carrington, Gino Vanelli. W Danii to człowiek instytucja nie tylko w Świecei jazzu. Tam bowiem właściwie staje się już legendą. Spectrum jego stylistycznych zainteresowań jest ogromne - od klasycznego jazzu, przez fusion, aż po chillout i world music. Pamiętają Państwo choćby projekt Blue Lotus? To przecież właśnie on stoi za tym cudownym, transgatunkowym przedsięwzięciem odwołującym się do muzyki Indii i Dalekiego Wschodu.

Tutaj jednak sięga po nieco bardziej utarte ścieżki wraz ze swoim znakomitym zespołem porusza się - z grubsza rzecz biorąc w estetyce fusion. To muzyka wyrastająca z jazz-rocka ale też ze wszech miar współczesna, Świadoma korzeni ale i czasu, przemian jakie zaszły tak w jazzie, rocku, jak i ludzkiej percepcji. To muzyka otwarta i pozytywna, emanując od pierwszych dźwięków energią i nie oglądająca się na zamierzchłe wzorce i normy.

Dzięki swojej pozycji udało mu się zaprosić do tego nagrania także niezwykle cenionych instrumentalistów - Palle Mikkelborga i Davida Sanborna. Znakomicie wypada tu zwłaszcza ten drugi, odchodzący od swej ulubionej, smooth jazzowej stylistyki. Sanborn bowiem to muzyk kompletny i znakomity. I w naszym kraju zdecydowanie niedoceniany. I nie mówię tu o jego znanych i pojawiających się w pseudojazzowych radiostacjach miękkich, niemal pościelowych nagrania. To bowiem muzyk otwarty jak mało kto, mający w dorobku nagrania choćby z Billem Frisellem i czołówką nowojorskiego downtown. I - o czym zapominamy, albo też nie wiele - koncertujący niegdyś z Johnem Zornem w repertuarze Ornette'a Colemana. I tutaj Sanborn - nie rezygnując ze swojego miękkiego brzmienia - atuty i dorobek swój pokazuje.

Znakomita płyta po którą śmiało sięgać może każdy, kto czuje jazz potrzebuje dawki pozytywnej energii!!!"
autor: Józef Paprocki
Copyright © 2016 Multikulti Project. All rights reserved

Editor’s info:
Mikkel Nordso Band:
3 decades with a Danish Legend
With a sensational album the acclaimed Copenhagen guitar master and his band turn another corner in a remarkable career

Travel to far destinations, and you are likely to hear the nickname Golden Fingers when talk falls on Mikkel Nordso and his abilities on the fretboard of a guitar. From a studio in the middle of Copenhagen, down the sacred river Ganges, or to masters in countries like Mali and Morocco: The reaction is the same - expectations of the unreal. Meanwhile, the object of all this praise chooses a very under-played and Danish approach, smiling below the brim of his sixpence, shouldering his brown electric guitar, stepping on the wah-wah pedal and letting all hell break loose.

Mikkel Nordso’s expressive guitar artistry is legendary and versatile. Letting his beloved Paul Reed Smith guitar soar loudly through the various effects of his board and the stereo sound of two amps. Or using a subtler and poetic approach, fingers dancing a bossa, a fierce samba or a flamenco inspired by the late Paco. However, it is at the helm of his own peerless group, one finds Mikkel Nordso in his most cherished element. With a sound and a wealth of ideas and inspiration more vitalizing than ever, Mikkel Nordso Band celebrates its 30th anniversary. Three decades!!! Still with more or less the same chosen group of musicians since 1985, when the dream of a band combining styles like salsa, rock, blues and jazz, became a reality. Diving In Space For 3 Decades is the title of this new album. Mikkel Nordso aficionados will know that the title hints at Space Diver, a signature tune at concerts since 1993. With its characteristic opening solo, the disciplined funky arrangement and another neck-breaking solo at 200 miles an hour, it is a journey in space and a tip of the sixpence to Jimi Hendrix, idol for Mikkel and many others. And the legendary guitarist is probably nodding affirmatively in his seat in rock’n’roll paradise in acknowledgement of the combined skills and attitude of his Danish colleague. Likewise, Jimi and we mere mortals may rejoice at the parade of musicians delivering a qualified response: bass player and professor, Peter Danstrup, percussion ace, Jacob Andersen, drummer Ole Theill, piano player Ben Besiakov and the young star straight out of Cuba, Eliel Lazo, a great conga player and singer. This fine album also brought together distinguished guests such as legendary saxophone player David Sanborn, the equally imposing Danish trumpet player Palle Mikkelborg, known for his collaboration with Miles Davis, and the Danish rapper of royal African heritage Al Agami, a local legend, currently having gained renewed momentum. Their voices are more than welcome. They add an extra edge to the music.

An edge perhaps also due to the constant inspiration from sons Frederik and Fridolin Nordso – among the current master producers of Denmark – at Fifth Dimension, the cosy studio in downtown Copenhagen.

Born to be a musician
His late father, Jens Nordso, was a painter and designed all his album covers for many years. The cover of this anniversary release is designed in his style, and is the hommage of a son to his father. The Danes discovered Mikkel Nordso when he and his older brother, percussion player Klavs Nordso, and Aske Bentzon started Latin band Buki Yamaz. That was more than 40 years ago, but there was a time before Buki Yamaz: The renowned Copenhagen jazz scene listened when 15-year old Mikkel Nordso joined Riel/Mikkelborg V8, a forerunner of the more famous band Entrance. Palle Mikkelborg’s trumpet on this year’s album is the sound of a musical life coming full circle. Next step was Sneakers, an extremely popular band formed in 1979 featuring the cherished Danish vocalist Sanne Salomonsen, in which Mikkel met percussion player Jacob Andersen. Another important band in those years was the eclectic Anima, featuring keyboard player Kenneth Knudsen and veteran singer and guitar player Cy Nicklin. Ole Theill was the drummer, and a natural choice when Mikkel Nordso formed his own band.

Lifetime Brothers
There is a sense of brotherhood in Mikkel Nordso Band: Piano player Ben Besiakov has been part of most collaborations all the way back to school days, when the Bernadotte School in a Copenhagen suburb created the right artistic space for a number of its gifted pupils. Bassist Peter Danstrup can look back at a distinguished career including a number of years as headmaster at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory and his own recent tremendous success with the Grammy-winning trio, Klökkeblömst. Equally successful, Ole Theill is a master drummer, apprentice of a tabla master in sacred Varanasi by the Ganges river, and he demonstrates his jaw-dropping virtuosity with dazzling authenticity in the band Blue Lotus, where Mikkel Nordso plays guitar with blue and modal musical lines that leave mystics of the East applauding. They are musicians born out of and living in a world without borders. Mikkel Nordso Band recently returned from a large festival in Morocco, where the band displayed their skills with Gnawa master Mustapha Bakbou in front of a crowd of 30.000 ecstatic spectators at two concerts shared with millions of viewers on Moroccan National TV and international French TV5. What they saw and heard was a Danish guitarist letting loose with inspired solos at impressive speed. Mikkel Nordso Band once more confirmed its unique and international level of artistry with a music borrowing from the entire globe while retaining a distinct Nordic identity.

Enjoy this new record. Embark on a dream journey with legendary Palle Mikkelborg and Mikkel Nordso. And with David Sanborn playing as if Copenhagen was the axis of the world of music and Mikkel Nordso Band the orchestra he always yearned to be a part of.

Mikkel Nordso: Guitars
Ben Besiakov: Piano, Keyboards
Eliel Lazo: Percussion
Jacob Andersen: Percussion
Peter Danstrup: Bass
Ole Theill: Drums
Palle Mikkelborg: Trumpet
Jens Haack: Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Trumpet
David Sanborn: Saxes
Al Agami: Voice
Caroline Fransescka: Vocal

1. Back in Bamako
2. I like When U Do
3. Juliana
4. Leaving So Soon
5. Thanks
6. Awoken Dream
7. Sea Song
8. Mambo Lady
9. Thanks part two

total time - 51:46
wydano: 2015-12
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Stunt Records (DK)
Mikkel Nordso Band featuring Palle Mikkelborg & David Sanborn
Diving in Space for 3 Decades
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