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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
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kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Editor's info:
It is a well-known fact that Pasborg's Odessa 5 is a popular attraction. Since their debut CD in 2008, the double Danish Music Award-winning drummer has toured all over Europe with an extraordinary band consisting of four horns and a drummer. However, Pasborg is not one to rest on his laurels, and with this new release, Odessa 5 X-TRA LARGE, he once again puts wild abandon and joy on the agenda. Once you've heard Pasborg and his explosive group on stage, there is no turning back. It is a violent and wonderful experience. Their particular brand of energy, disrespectful good time, and anarchistic interpretations of well-known and unknown material is not everyday fare. All that energy is sustained on their new CD: ODESSA X-TRA LARGE, with Pasborg as the dynamic and natural pivotal point at the center of the contagious, controlled chaos.
The idea behind Odessa 5 is to create a launching pad for all kinds of music - but with a unique sound. A band uniting Balkan music, traditional jazz, free improvisation, classical, funk and much more without sacrificing the band sound. A platform from which the drummer can play all the music that has inspired him for years, but in a new and original fashion.
Pasborg is a versatile musician. His merits range from avant-garde to more easily accessible styles. He is known as the drummer in Ibrahim Electric, the vastly popular organ trio with wide appeal far beyond the occasionally tight confines of jazz.
And now to Odessa. Why does Pasborg call his group Odessa 5? Although he has never been in Odessa, he has always been fascinated by the harbor city on the Black Sea. For a long time Odessa was an "open port" and became home to numerous ethnic groups. There were Russians, Rumanians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Italians, Frenchmen, Germans - merchants of all nationalities in a cosmopolitan center whose equal today is probably only found in New York. In his imagination, Stefan Pasborg sees a melting pot of all cultures and a wonderful mixture of different musical traditions, from which a vital and powerful music emerges. Through his fascination in Balkan music and Slavic folk music, he utilizes odd time signatures and characteristic melodies to create enjoyable and rhythmically aggressive instrumental music with room for improvisation. ODESSA 5 X-TRA LARGE will surely contribute to the population increase in the melting pot.
Pasborg's band has a strong regular line-up featuring saxophonist and clarinetist Anders Banke, saxophonists Mikko Innanen and Liudas Mockunas, Jepper Tuxen on Hammond B3 organ, and - completing the street parade illusion - Jakob Munck on sousaphone. But guest are constantly passing through: trumpeters Jonas Müller, Bjorn Ringkobing and Peter Marot, trombonist Peter Jensen and baritone saxophonist Jesper Lovdal.
The music they play together spans such different composer's as Gene Krupa ("Sing Sing" on speed), Ornette Coleman ("The Odessa Ornette Medley") and inspirations from among others Stravinsky ("Internal Dance of All Kaschei's Subjects") - in addition to Finnish mambo, New Orleans and Louis Armstrong ("Tiger Rag"), Balkan, elements from Afro, brass Band, effective jazz/rock grooves and much more. The vibe is original and personal, filtered through a creative mind with a twist. What other band can mix things so indiscriminately and imaginatively without losing stamina or vibrancy - explosive, with raised bristles and parched beauty.

Stefan Pasborg (d, perc.)
Jonas Müller (kornet)
Peter Marott, Bjorn Ringkobing (tp)
Peter Jensen (tb)
Jakob Munck (sousphone, tb)
Anders Banke (ts, cl)
Mikko Innanen (as, ss, brs)
Liudas Mockunaas (ts, brs),
Jesper Lovdal (brs)
og Jeppe Tuxen (keyb., Hammond B3)

1. Nostalgia In Time Square 01:31
2. Sing Sing Sing / Tiger Rag 07:39
3. The Last Man Standing part 2 04:58
4. Trifon's Kyutchek 05:19
5. Infernal Dance Of All Kashchel's Subjects 5:16

The Odessa Ornette Medley:
6. Broadway Blues 02:13
7. Little Symphony 02:56
8. Kathleen Gray 03:26
9. Peace Warriors 03:28

10. Raven Er Ude Med Halen Sa Lang 03:24

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Stunt Records (DK)
Pasborg's Odessa 5 [Stefan Pasborg / Jonas Müller / Peter Marott / Bjorn Ringkobing / Peter Jensen / Jakob Munck / Anders Banke / Mikko Innanen / Liudas Mockunaas / Jesper Lovdal / Jeppe Tuxen]
X-tra large
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