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Mama Africa, the new album by the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, pays tribute to Miriam Makeba, possibly the greatest South African singer ever. Tutu Puoane, who hails from South Africa, was invited to sing and choose the songs. Seven arrangers were commissioned to arrange these songs from 'Mama Africa's' repertoire for one of Europe's best big bands, the Brussels Jazz Orchestra. The BJO worked with Tutu Puoane before in several projects, e.g. a tribute to Billy Holiday. Tutu Puoane in her own right is a rising star. Her two solo albums Song and Quiet Now were well received and both albums were licensed into Japan and South Africa. Especially on her second album she shows more of her South African roots and it was no big surprise that she was invited by the BJO to put together a program with music from South Africa. It was in this period that Miriam Makeba passed away, so eventually it was decided that most of the songs were to be from this great singer's repertoire. Amongst the songs chosen are various contemporary compositions by some of the best writers the land has to offer, but also quite a few folk songs in native languages. Nevertheless Mama Africa is a real jazz album that pays a worthy tribute to 'Mama Africa'.

brussels jazz orchestra
In 1993 Frank Vaganée, Serge Plume and Marc Godfroid, three big names on the Belgian scene, decided to set up new professional big band. Shortly before, the BRT Big Band had disappeared and, consequently, the composers and musicians had lost the opportunity to perform high-quality big band music and the public no longer had a chance to listen to this specific genre. The Brussels Jazz Orchestra's basic strength resides in its "traditional" big band lineup. Depending on the project, this line-up can be extended. The repertoire mainly consists of in-house productions including orchestral, crossover, soloist and multimedia - projects, with concerts featuring musicians such as Richard Galliano (FR), David Linx, Brussels Philharmonic, Philip Catherine, Toots Thielemans and many others. The BJO works in close collaboration with composers Bert Joris and Frank Vaganée, the ensemble's in-house composers, but also involves other Flemish and Belgian big band arrangers and composers. In addition to its own productions, the orchestra seeks interesting international projects, working with Maria Schneider (US), Kenny Werner (US), Lee Konitz (USA) and Dave Douglas (USA), to name just a few.

tutu puoane
Tutu Puoane in her own right already released two cds with her jazz quartet on Saphrane. Her debut album 'Somg' (Saphrane S62602) was released in 2007 and later licensed to South African, Japanese and Thai labels. The follow-up 'Quiet Now' (Saphrane S62607) was released in 2009 and immediately licensed to Japan and South Africa. 'Mama Africa' is the first album where she is the lead vocalist of a big band, a longtime dream of this remarkable talent. The combination of her sublime voice, the quality of the BJO's musicians and the beautiful arrangements turn this album into a worthy tribute to South African music and culture as well as to Miriam Makeba.


Saphrane Records
Brussels Jazz Orchestra / Tutu Puoane
Mama Africa
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