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Editor's info:
"Sylt" is Icarus' first album in two years, following the understated "Carnivalesque" in 2005, and the acclaimed "I Tweet the Birdy Electric" in 2004, over which time the duo Ollie Bown and Sam Britton have continued working on related projects in electroacoustic performance, composition and music-related research.
The album builds on the band's inquisitive approach to electronic music production acquired over 6 album releases spanning over a decade, and spread across a mix of record labels: The Leaf Label, Output, Hydrogen Dukebox, Temporary Residence, Not Applicable, and for this latest release, Rump Recordings.
"Sylt" was devised around two extended improvised tracks, "First Inf(E)Rance" and "Second Inf(E)Rance", taken from one live performance in Toulouse in 2006. These recordings represent the accumulation of unreleased material built up over a spate of live performances as well as the documentation of the band's development of an improvised electronic music style in which flourishes of rhythmic and harmonic structures are restlessly set up against each other by the duo.
Alongside these live recordings, "Sylt" also revisits the recognisable structures of Icarus' earlier anthemic style in tracks such as "Keet" and "Volks", outbursts of joyous rhythmic lunacy in the bricolage of "Selfautoparent", and a developing sense of instrumental musique concrete in tracks such as "Jyske" and "Rugkiks".

"A mature and thought-provoking release" - DJ Mag." for ambient electronic heads" - Rocksound.
"Icarus are deliciously and maddeningly unclassifiable" - The Wire."This is expert improvisation that still maintains one foot in IDM" - Exclaim! "One of the most surprising new albums in 2007. Perfect!" - Cuemix Magazine. "A playful masterpiece of hyperrhythmic avant beat freetronica" -
"Surprisingly playful seventh from learned, post-everything experimentalists' - Uncut."Giver man sig tid til at opleve Icarus til tider frenetiske og altid kravende musik, belonnes man med et givende album, som bor begejstre fans af Sun Ra savel som Autechre." - Gaffa. "Imagine placing albums by Four Tet, Amon Tobin, Squarepusher, Murcof, Lutz Glandien, György Ligeti, Iannis Xenakis, SND and Philip Glass into your cd changer and then pressing play only to find them all playing at the same time." - Experimusic.
"Sam Britton and Ollie Bown create uncompromising experimental improvised music that manages to be at once evocative and captivating, and Sylt only serves to strongly reinforce their vision'"- Milk Factory.
"Wunderbar funktioniert diese Musik hingegen, wenn man sie hört wie man Napalm Death oder Slayer hören sollte: Super laut aufdrehen." - DE:BUG.

In 1995 Ollie Bown and Sam Britton accidentally tuned into a pirate station and split their sides with hysterics at the machine-gun breakbeat frenzy they were soon to learn was called jungle. After the laughter subsided, Sam and Ollie turned their wholehearted attention to the domain of samplers and breakbeats, consuming and producing more or less unfamiliar strains of drum'n'bass, tinged by longer-standing influences such as no-wave and free jazz, psychedelic rock, minimal techno and avant-garde classical music.
Gradually Icarus gained recognition in quirky corners of the d'n'b-crazed community and a reputation for out of the box experimentation, but they soon moved away from the fading limelight of drum'n'bass and looked deeper into sound-design, music concrete and rhythmic experimentation.
Apart from Icarus, Ollie Bown has been collaborating with Squidsoup, The Live Algorithms For Music Group, Adem and others, and has been finishing a PhD on the evolution of human musical behaviour at Goldsmiths. Sam Britton has been collaborating with Ted Milton, Squint/Opera, Diemo Schwarz and others, and has studied at IRCAM in Paris.


Rump Recordings (DK)
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