Mat Maneri - Matthew Shipp: Conference Of The Mat/Ts

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
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Wspólnego dorobku obu bohaterów nagrania "Conference Of The Mat/Ts" nie sposób przeoczyć. Bo któż nie pamięta chociażby znakomitej "Gravitational Systems" (Hatology 2000)? Panowie spotykają się już od ćwierć wieku, w składach z Davidem S. Ware'm i Ivo Perelmanem, w String Trio prowadzonym przez Matthew Shippa i w jego kwartecie. Także w Maneri Trio, Quartet i Ensemble. Z Michaelem Bisio Perhaps w Matthew Shipp Chamber Ensemble.
Dowodem najwyższego poziomu wtajemniczenia jazzowej alchemii, którą konsekwentnie uprawiają jest fakt, że każde kolejne spotkanie owocuje emocjonującym efektem, czy to koncertowo, czy fonograficznie. Udaje im się tworzyć dzieła uniwersalne i poruszające.

Dużo ich łączy - podobna wrażliwość muzyczna – częsta zmienność barwy brzmienia swoich instrumentów, ciąg na nieszablonowe rozwiązania harmoniczne. Ich zainteresowania wybiegają daleko poza idiom komponowania i improwizowania w idiomie jazzowym, czy na polu free improvisation. Można ich usłyszeć w projektach Modern Classical, jak i szeroko pojętej awangardy. Są to niebywale aktywni muzycy.

Ich nowe nagranie jest wypełnione muzycznym dialogiem, którego fundamentem jest wielka elegancja brzmienia, są jakby bardziej zrelaksowani, zorientowani bardziej na głęboką interakcyjność artystyczną. Jest to możliwe, ponieważ od nagrania "Gravitational Systems" minęło niespełna 20 lat. To szmat czasu, mnóstwo muzycznych doświadczeń i zdobytych odpowiedzi. Zaskakujące polirytmiczne figury Shippa, urocze i żarliwe solówki, iskrzące i frenetyczne kulminacje lub subtelne, powolne i abstrakcyjne momenty delikatnie łączą się w artystyczną i spójną jedność, nie pozostawiając cienia wątpliwości, że mamy do czynienia z mistrzami wolnej formy.

"Conference Of The Mat/Ts" to godzina z hakiem improwizowanej muzyki pozbawionej bolesnego wykuwania piękna, nikt tu nie zadaje ciosów, Mat Maneri i Matthew Shipp grają z dużą swobodą i wielkim pietyzmem, w nieprzerwanym ciągu tylko celnych dźwięków. To inny wymiar muzycznej doskonałości!
autor: Mariusz Zawiślak
Copyright © 1996-2019 Multikulti Project. All rights reserved
Editor's info:
Nearly 20 years after their only other duet album, "Gravitational System", Matt and Mat have felt the need to meet again to share and confront their respective musical experiences. To have matured does not mean that they have lost creativity and spontaneity; on the contrary, they can afford to put themselves in danger to push the music further. Control and impulsiveness, at the crossroads of intellect and intuition. It was really worth the wait for almost 20 years!

Control and impulsiveness, at the crossroads of intellect and intuition!

All About Jazz - ocena * * * *:
There have been 7,128 days that have passed since Mat Maneri and Matthew Shipp have recorded a duo together, but who's counting? I guess we are. The Conference Of The Mat/ts session from November of 2017 may have followed Gravitational Systems (Hatology, 2000) by 19 years, 6 months and 4 days, but the pair have been heard in multiple settings in between these dates, with David S. Ware and Ivo Perelman, in Shipp's String Trio and Quartet and the Maneri Trio, Quartet and Ensemble. Perhaps their finest collaboration so far is the Matthew Shipp Chamber Ensemble recording, The Gospel According To Matthew & Michael (Relative Pitch Records, 2015) with bassist Michael Bisio.

This latest recording feels more patient and relaxed than their previous duo effort. But then, with nearly twenty years of collaboration and performance, you'd expect this kind of elegance. Maneri and Shipp improvise these thirteen pieces with a certain refinement of manner that elevates the sound to "beyond category." Jazz music? Yes. Chamber music? Certainly. Both are, and are not at all. Pure improvisation can be that hardscrabble scuffle to forge beauty from the furnace and the hammer, an approach both musicians were schooled in. But here, weapons are discarded, and the music is created from an unshielded and vulnerable position. Charge is swapped for charm and pummel for peace. Maneri's viola and Shipp's piano eschew call-and-response for mutual assured construction. The music is inherently leaderless without becoming rudderless.
A quarter century of musical association between Matthew Shipp and Mat Maneri continues with this RogueArt release Conference of the Mat/ts. Recording together since Shipp’s 1994 LP Critical Mass, the pianist and violist first made a duo album with Gravitational Systems (2000) and have performed together in various settings from then on. We profiled one such meeting just last year, the Whit Dickey-led Vessel In Orbit.

But in spite of all the familiarity between them, something new comes out of the two every time they get together, and when it’s boiled down to the interaction between just the two as it is for Conference of the Mat/ts, that dynamic offers more opportunities for going for the jugular. Over thirteen improvised performances, the two probe, converse and chase each other using the slightest of cues and whims.

The first ‘conference,’ or track, is a blossom of fragile beauty; the two seemingly making every chord count. By contrast, they are in a whimsical mood on the very next song. Later on during the 5th performance, the two play with total freedom but remain very much in sync yet in the middle of the chaos still conjure up a motif that brings them to the second act of the song. For the penultimate track, they oscillate between the dense and diffused, moving tightly together through the disorder.

You can spell ‘Mat(t)’ with one ‘t’ or two, but there’s only one way to spell ‘brilliance,’ and a lot of it is on display within Matthew Shipp and Mat Maneri’s Conference of the Mat/ts.

Mat Maneri: viola
Matthew Shipp: piano

1. Conference #1 (5:34)
2. Conference #2 (3:09)
3. Conference #3 (6:05)
4. Conference #4 (2:42)
5. Conference #5 (4:30)
6. Conference #6 (6:40)
7. Conference #7 (7:12 )
8. Conference #8 (3:24)
9. Conference #9 (4:35)
10. Conference #10 (5:46)
11. Conference #11 (4:57)
12. Conference #12 (1:53)
13. Conference #13 (3:39)

total time - 60:45
nagrano: Recorded by Jim Clouse on November 13th 2017 at Park West Studios, Brooklyn, New York, USA

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Rogue ART (FR)
Mat Maneri - Matthew Shipp
Conference Of The Mat/Ts
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