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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: kartonowe etui
Recorded at Alchemia club in Krakow, Poland during December of 2016, this is the third album for drummer Barry Altschul's 3dom Factor, and he is once again in the company of Jon Irabagon on tenor and sopranino saxophone and Joe Fonda on bass. The music is a very strong series of collective improvisations and these veteran musicians make the most of the open ended setting and the friendly and supportive audience. Irabagon is a powerhouse saxophone player, and he provides gales of sound along with Fonda's thick bass, meeting Altschul's deeply rhythmic drumming. "Martin's Stew" opens with a solo percussion feature, with the leader developing a diverse range of textures and rhythms. Irabagon glides in with a complex freebop approach that matches the percussionist very well. They move into a powerful collective improvisation that is impassioned and very fast paced. The music barrels forward relentlessly, before calming and offering a fine bowed bass feature. The shimmering drum work suits the edgy bowing perfectly. The saxophonist rejoins and draws squiggles of sound against the pummeling background. The Monk standard "Ask Me Now" gives the group ample ammunition for a raw and gritty performance. The music is more spacious and probing, hinting at the melody. Subtle saxophone and percussion frame another great bass solo, making for a more relaxed and understated conversation. "For Papa Joe, Klook and Philly" honors three great drummers from jazz history with some explosive percussion from Altschul and tight bass and saxophone in firm support. The group performance is very impressive with a muscular flexing rhythm and driving fast paced improvisation. After another strong bass solo, the focus shifts to dynamic exchanges of raw energy between the drums and saxophone, loud and thrilling, driving to the finish line. There is a subtle and gentle touch to "Irina" developing as a yearning ballad. Bass and brushes intersect and then are rejoined by Irabagon's high pitched sopranino saxophone. The album ends with a massive blowout on "The 3dom Factor" starting with riveting percussion and saxophone playing chunks of rhythm and melody. The group reaches a blistering tempo with their improvisation richly textured and tightly focused with concentrated energy. Irabagon backs out leaving a complex interaction between drums and bass with occasional saxophone comments. All three instruments then plunge back into a torrent of fast, loud and joyous free jazz playing deeply expressive and unique music. It's a stunning concert all told, with the music making for one of the most exciting albums of the year. The three members of the group are perfectly aligned and are able to move freely with complete confidence.
- review courtesy of Tim Niland
Recorded live at the Alchemia Club in Krakow, Poland, Barry Altschul's 3dom Factor offers the third group release in an informal trilogy that began with their self-titled album (TUM, 2012). That debut—Altschul's first leader outing in a couple dozen years—consisted of nine Altschul originals, and one from Carla Bley. A blend of post-bop and free playing, it set the stage for 2015's Tales of the Unforseen, a largely improvised set. The new trio album Live in Krakow adapts a technique closer to the debut in bringing structured and free approaches together.

Jon Irabagon, on tenor and sopranino saxophones, and bassist Joe Fonda remain Altschul's partners. Irabagon (Mostly Other People Do the Killing) is a dynamo capable of generating his own weather systems while Fonda's deep, woody bass makes for dramatic contrast with the saxophones. Combined with Altschul's intense pulsations, the trio is adept at producing a sound that is larger and more involved than its headcount would indicate.

"Martin's Stew," from 3Dom's debut album, opens with an extended drum solo joined later by Fonda's undulating bass and, finally, by Irabagon's eagerly directed lines. The sole cover is Thelonius Monk's "Ask Me Now" and it's taken at a more relaxed pace, touching the original melody intermittently. The piece features a terrific Fonda solo. "For Papa Joe, Klook, and Philly Too" and "The 3dom Factor" are more visceral, driving improvisations, not entirely without melody, they nevertheless focus more on texture and technique. "Irina" is the lone ballad in the set, albeit, one that has a consistently off-kilter feel.

With the exception of the single ballad, the music on Live in Krakow alternates between persistent energy and palliative passages. The collective improvisations are powerful and the symmetry—especially between long-time cohorts Fonda and Altschul—allows the music to shift and reshape organically. It's a highly engaging performance from three stellar artists.

Barry Altschul: Drums
Joe Fonda: Bass
Jon Irabagon: Tenor Saxophone, Sopranino Saxophone

1. Martin’s Stew 11:46
2. Ask Me Now 7:28
3. For Papa Joe, Klook, and Philly Too 10:20
4. Irina 8:31
5. The 3Dom Factor 13:56

wydano: Jul 2017
nagrano: Recorded at Alchemia club in Kraków, Poland on December 4th, 2016

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