Quartett Non Locality

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W fizyce kwantowej “nonlocality” to niezwykle silna korelacja między zdarzeniami wykraczającymi poza nasze standardowe intuicje.
Pod tą nazwą kwartet utworzony przez polskiego akordeonistę Zbyszka Chojnackiego, Sarah Claman - mieszkającą w Barcelonie skrzypaczkę z Nowej Zelandii, polskiego flecistę Dominika Strycharskiego i katalońskiego perkusistę Ramona Pratsa, gra muzykę wyzwoloną z jakichkolwiek gatunkowych klisz, akademickich szablonów, kulturowych ograniczeń.
Quartett Non Locality to wyjątkowa okazja do odkrycia wspólnego świata czwórki wspaniałych muzyków w głębokim dialogu, podczas którego nawiązywane są efemeryczne, ale niezwykle intensywne relacje muzyczne.
Lektura płyty "Quartett Non Locality" wyzwoli w Was wszelkie możliwe emocje i barwy, zarówno w sferze dźwięku, jak i obszarze wrażeń wizualnych.

Liner Notes:
So we met for the first time at Vic Festival in north Catalunya. Thanks to Maciej Lewenstein who helped organizing this meeting of musicians. And then we played two gigs and one recording session with live audience.

What is always fascinating with open improvisation sessions and meetings is the unknown. And the endless possibilities which immediately appear after the first note is played. The other great factor in improvised music is the mutual feeling of comfort and care each musician is giving everyone else. Like a tiny society…

We also love the way different instruments are connected here. The line-up is quite special… So Sarah Claman - violinist, originally from New Zealand, who focuses on improvisation as a mean of sparking dialogue and opening up the lines of communication between people. Now She is a resident Of Barcelona.

Ramon Prats is another man from Barcelona. One of the most prominent drummers on the European scene of the creative music. He worked with many important musicians from every genres and generations. Leader of the Ramon Prats Quartet, member of Liquid Trio/Quintet with Agustí Fernández and Albert Cirera, The Robadors Quartet.
And our polish part of this constellation … Zbigniew Chojnacki – accordion player, improviser. In his approach any form which emits the sound, is facilitated to make contact with people, is inspired by the elements most often not directly related to music, as he says ,,old washing machine, a blade of grass, the sound of the engine of the bus or even usually a chair in the middle of a scene can be inspiring ''.

And finally me… I’m composer, recorder player, vocalist, improviser, performer and teacher. I practically self-taught in each of the cultivated fields. My output includes albums, concerts, film scores and one-off events with jazz music, improvised, experimental, noise, club and post-theater. My own projects are among others Doministry and in the Core, Pulsarus, Organic Panic and Prophetic Fall bands.
By Dominik Strycharski

Recorded at Estudios Ground in 2018
Recorded by Jaume Figueres
Mix and Master by Dominik Strycharski
Cover design by Vitold Oleshak
Executive producers: Tomasz Konwent & Andrzej Nowak


Multikulti Project (PL)
Quartett Non Locality (Claman, Strycharski, Chojnacki, Prats)
Quartett Non Locality
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