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Editor's info:
Recorded live at the Jeunesse Festival 'In Trance' at the Theatre Odeon in Vienna, Austria, over two days in October 2006, this is yet another performance by Sainkho to marvel at and be amazed. The project has been inspired by the great paintings of Dunhuang caves in China. Beautifully recorded, Sainkho's overtones have never sounded so clear before and it is really difficult not to get into trance while listening to her singing. Jarrod Cagwin's percussion brilliantly complements Sainkho's singing.

All Music Guide:
Sainkho Namchylak's career encompasses both world music and experimental free improvisation, but her activity in one field tends to be separated from the other. Exceptionally, In Trance offers a synthesis of sorts. Here, the great Tuvan singer performs with Jarrod Cagwin, a virtuoso percussionist with in-depth experience in North African and Turkish drumming. Cagwin's playing, as resourceful and imaginative as it is, remains rhythmical for the most part, which lends an easier than usual feel to Namchylak's extended-technique-based vocal improvisations. In other words, the music definitely belongs to the realm of free improvisation, but it retains a strong world music flavor. Recorded live over two days at Vienna's In Trance festival in October 2006, In Trance features four pieces inspired by the paintings of the Dunhuang caves in China. In the liner notes, each track title is accompanied by a short traditional tale, but the music is not actually that programmatic. Of course, listeners are free to let their imaginations run along the lines suggested in these presentations, but Namchylak's throaty grunts and overtone singing can evoke hundreds of different narratives. The chemistry between the two musicians is exemplary. Their responsiveness to each other gives way to spontaneous tunes that often sound like traditional anthems going back to the Stone Age. The 17-minute 'Human Mother's Song' is particularly rich in that respect, although the nine-minute overture 'Darkness, Tender Wind, Silence...' is the strongest piece of the set: moving and extremely well developed. Fans of Namchylak interested in following her out of the traditional Tuvan music scene will find in In Trance an entry point that is much gentler than her work with more difficult improvisers like Evan Parker, for example.
by Fransois Couture

All About Jazz:
This album is well named. At the mundane level, its title derives from the fact that it was recorded live at the "In Trance" festival in Vienna, in October 2006. But it also contains music able to induce a trance like state, literally, to entrance. The music was inspired by, and is dedicated to, the great paintings of Dunhuang caves in Chin-and "inspired" is the word, Namchylak is on top form.
In recent years she has diversified away from the sound that initially brought her to the attention of the world, the sound based around her unique Tuvan overtone singing, with its eerie detachedness sounding like a woman possessed. This album has that overtone singing back at the heart of the music. It combines perfectly with Jarrod Cagwin's percussion to produce repetitive rhythmic pieces that frequently have a mantra-like quality, hence their entrancing qualities. During the less rhythmic passages, Cagwin deploys a range of effects that heighten the drama of Namchylak's (already dramatic) utterances, providing an ideal complement to the voice.

There are signs also of Namchylak's diversification, "Human Mother's Song" opens with Namchylak's soaring, wordless falsetto, a sound that seems to defy gravity and lifts the spirits. After a percussion interlude from Cagwin, Namchylak returns with her most demonic gravel-voiced growl, a sound that chills the soul. It is hard to believe one body can produce such contrasting sounds, heaven and hell in the space of seventeen minutes.

Finally, a word of praise for the recording quality which captures every nuance of both performers, putting the listener right in amongst them. Just another stunning aspect of a stunning album.
By John Eyles



Leo Records (UK)
Sainkho Namchylak / Jarrod Cagwin
In Trance
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