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For two years, in 2005 and 2006, Sainkho lived in Ireland. She was struck by similarities between these two countries and especially by stone sculptures from Boa Island and Tuva. She was also struck by mysteries of Ireland where old traditions blend with modern computer technology. Tuva-Irish Live Music Project has been developing for two years. Roy Carroll plays the computer and both musicians programme electronics in such a way that compositions sound in an entirely new way each time they are performed live.

With loops prepared in advance to complement percussive effects, improvisation and other parameters, Tuvan vocalist Sainkho Namchylak aligns with Irish electronics ace Roy Carroll for an unlikely cycle of events. On this duo endeavor, Namchylak's Tuvan throat singing resonates with Carroll's laptop manipulations and live electronics permutations. In a way, this session provides more credence to the advances and applications of electronic music and how it continues to advance within genres and numerous art-forms .

Supplanted by an organic vibe, the electro-acoustic design of this program consists of faint, tribal drumbeats, narratives, interweaving treatments and counterbalancing exchanges. At times Carroll provides a vast musical plane for Namchylak's resonating chants. On the piece titled "Fonomania," her multi-pitched droning generates an odd balance in contrast to Carroll's plucking of what sounds like a stringed instrument of some sort.

During "Madness of the Night: (Part 1) Anger," the duo ups the ante via a call and response format, spiced with streaming synth swashes and alien soundscapes. The artists carve out a vista that bridges Central Asian ethnomusicology with concepts that could have been introduced by John Cage and ultimately topped off with the electronics component. The overall presentation is dappled with a sense of antiquity that becomes distorted and amalgamated. To that end, it's all rather fascinating...
autor: Glenn Astarita


Leo Records (UK)
Sainkho Namchylak / Roy Carroll
Tuva-irish Live Music Project
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