Sun Ra and his Arkestra: Live at Montreux [2CD]

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: Jewelcaseowe etui
Doskonała realizacja z koncertu jaki Arkestra pod wodzą Sun Ra zagrała w 1976 roku podczas festiwalu w Montreux. Nagranie to wydane zostało pierwotnie przez dwie wytwórnie - zarówno Saturn, jak i Inner City, a po wyczerpaniu nakładu zniknęło na wiele lat. W 2008 roku doczekało się swojej kompaktowej reedycji wzbogaconej o niepublikowane wcześniej na winylu utwory.

Pełna, dwudziestoosobowa Arkestra (plus jeszcze – czego na kompakcie nie widać oczywiście – tancerze) była wtedy w najwyższej formie. Słychać to znakomicie tak w solowych partiach (np. cudowne sola Marshalla Allena, jak choćby w "Take 'A' Train", jak i w równiutko granych unisonach. Rozpiętość inspiracji jak to w muzyce Sun Ra wielka - od niemal gopelowego, ewangelicznego "El Is The Sound of Joy", przez egzotyczne "Lights on a Satellite" i hałaśliwe "Gods of the Realm Thunder ", po niemal futurystyczne "We Travel the Spaceways ".

Znakomity koncert i w dodatku – co w przypadku nagrań Arkestry nie oczywiste – całkiem nieźle zrealizowany.

Editor's info:
The excellent Live at Montreux set from 1976 was released on vinyl by both Saturn and Inner City before disappearing from print for many years. In 2003, the set was reissued by both Universe/Akarma and P-Vine. A full 20-member Arkestra (plus dancers) turns in a typically freewheeling set. From "Take the 'A' Train" (featuring a killer solo from Marshall Allen), to the gospel-influenced "El Is a Sound of Joy," to the almost exotica "Lights on a Satellite," to the free and raucous "Gods of the Thunder Realm," and on to "We Travel the Spaceways," the Arkestra covers as much musical territory in this set as anyone would expect from a live Sun Ra show. This is considered to be another classic in a vast discography. [Completists take note: the Universe edition inexplicably fades out the last four minutes of "On Sound Infinity Spheres," which are present on the P-Vine edition.] ~ Sean Westergaard Live At Montreux, a two-CD reissue that has one of his most accessible recordings. The 20-piece Arkestra, in addition to trumpets, trombones and saxophones, includes a bassoonist, a bass clarinetist, two drummers, two bassists and Ra on piano, solar organ and moog synthesizer. Their unique sound and wide-open approach were perfectly tailored by Sun Ra to express his innovative musical ideas., Rating 4/5:
I was introduced to to the music of Sun Ra many moons ago via a radio show solely dedicated to his music on our local student radio station.( The same way I was introduced to Frank Zappa). From listening to this show, I was intrigued enough to investigate further into the mysterious world of Ra. I raided the local public library and found they had a small collection of Ra on vinyl and one of those records was this live recording, which I duly borrowed and took home to annoy my flatmates with.

For many years, the thunderous and chaotic free jazz type piano solos from this album stuck in my mind, but I was unable to find a copy for purchase as it was out of print and hadn't yet been re-released on CD and second hand copy's seemed to be non existent here. A few years back, I did some online searching to see if I could find a digital copy to download until I could find a CD copy. Again I turned up blank. I requested it over at Rare Mp3 blog and fortunately the intrepid MP3 sleuth, Chuntao, found me a copy, which she posted on her blog for all to enjoy.
Unknown to me at the time, Inner City Records had re-issued it on CD(I believe for the first time) in 2008 and a CD copy of this album has finally arrived in my mail box from Amazon in the very recent past.

Normally I don't go for much in the Avant-garde/Free Jazz scene, although it permeates most modern jazz in small amounts. I find it frustrating and quite grating and annoying to listen to, but there are a few exceptions and for some strange reason John Zorn and Sun Ra are two composers of this type of music that I do enjoy.

Live At Montreux is an excellent, colossal rollercoaseter of a live recording of Sun Ra and his big band Arkestra blasting out their brand of warped jazz for a very appreciative audience. The actual music is not as free sounding as it sounds on these discs as, like Zorn, Ra directs the musicians in their playing and the whole thing is tightly controlled.
Wild sounding, chaotic Archestra ensemble playing is interspersed with manic trumpet and sax solos and topped off with some awesome piano excursions from Ra himself, not to mention some of the almost industrial sounding organ and Moog experiments. Not a lightweight listening experience and not a lot of melody here, just a large group of musicians really letting loose within the context Sun Ra allows them.

Sun Ra
Marshall Allen
John Gilmore
Danny Thompson
Pat Patrick
Hayes Burnette
Danny Davis
Elo Omoe
Stanley Morgan
Leo Bliok
James Jackson
Clifford Jarvis
Larry Bright
Tony Bunn
Vincent Chancey
Reggie Hudgins
Craig Harris
Ahmed Abdullah
Al Evans
Chris Capers
June Tyson

CD 1:
1. For The Sunrise
2. Of The Other Tomorrow
3. From Out Where Others Dwell
4. On Sound Infinity Spheres
5. The House Of Eternal Being
6. God Of The Thunder Realm
7. Lights On A Satellite

CD 2:
1. Take The A Train - Piano Intro
2. Take The A Train
3. Prelude
4. El Is The Sound Of Joy
5. Encore 1
6. Encore 2
7. We Travel The Spaceways

wydano: 2008
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Inner City Records (USA)
Sun Ra and his Arkestra
Live at Montreux [2CD]
band leader
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