John Coltrane & Milt Jackson: Bags & Trane

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Straightahead / Mainstream Jazz
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Editor's info:
Milt Jackson and John Coltrane first worked together as part of the Dizzy Gillespie sextet/octet in 1951. Jackson was already a well-known jazz musician by this time, even though he was still far from gaining the fame he would receive after the inception of the Modern Jazz Quartet. He had been in the spotlight since the early days of bebop, playing with Bird and Diz as early as 1945. Coltrane, on the other hand, was still an unknown musician, who hadn't decided yet whether his main instrument would be the tenor or the alto sax (he played both during his days with Dizzy, from 1949 to 1951). But from that point up to 1959, when Bags and Trane was recorded, Coltrane's presence was being increasingly felt in the jazz world. Bags & Trane was taped right before the Giant Steps sessions and presents Coltrane at a crucial junction in his career. This would be his last recorded encounter with Milt Jackson, and the only one they made as co-leaders. As a bonus to this one of a kind set, we have added two more blues by Coltrane. Both tracks were performed in a trio format, which allows us to concentrate on what Trane had to add to the blues vocabulary.

The complete original classic 1959 album Bags & Trane, Coltrane's only collaboration as co-leader with Milt Jackson. As a bonus to this album, which puts a strong accent on the blues, we have added two outstanding blues by Coltrane recorded in a piano-less trio with Earl May and Art Taylor (these were the only blues he ever taped in the studio in this format).
Includes 12-page booklet

All Music Guide:
"Vibraphonist Milt Jackson and tenor saxophonist John Coltrane make for a surprisingly complementary team on this 1959 studio session, their only joint recording. Fine backup by pianist Hank Jones, bassist Paul Chambers, and drummer Connie Kay. Enjoyable music." - [Scott Yanow]

John Coltrane: tenor sax
Milt Jackson: vibes
Hank Jones: piano
Paul Chambers: bass
Connie Kay: drums

1. Bags & Trane 7:27
2. Three Little Words 7:31
3. The Night We Called It A Day 4:23
4. Be-Bop 8:01
5. The Late Late Blues 9:36
6. Stairway To The Stars 3:32
7. Blues Legacy 9:05
8. Centerpiece 7:09
9. Trane's Slow Blues 6:02*
10. Slowtrane 7:18*

John Coltrane (ts), Earl May (b), Art Taylor (d).
Hackensack, New Jersey, August 16, 1957.

total time - 70:00
wydano: 2010-04-01
nagrano: New York, Thursday, January 15, 1959.
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Essential Jazz Classics
John Coltrane & Milt Jackson
Bags & Trane
Vinyl 1LP
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