Lana Trio With Sofia Jernberg: Lana Trio with Sofia Jernberg

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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Trombone, piano and a drumkit with some extra percussive devices: this is the format chosen by Henrik Munkeby Norstebo, Kjetil Jerve and Andreas Wildhagen for Lana trio, a Norwegian experimental band formed in 2007, playing uncompromising improvisations focusing on a continuous personal and social creation process. For their third record, they have a fourth contributor in Sofia Jernberg, a Swedish singer with both classical and jazz backgrounds who has become one of the most intriguing innovators in vocal music today, rapidly gaining the same projection achieved by Phil Minton and Sidsel Endresen. The music played together by Lana trio and Jernberg is wild but focused, in a kind of orchestrated chaos capable to constantly surprise and seduce you, turning unexpectedly accessible what is difficult and sometimes even tough. This ability to move us without making concessions is a rare thing, a preciosity in what concerns the communication between a group of artists and their listeners.

All music by Norstebo, Jerve, Wildhagen and Jernberg
Produced by Lana Trio & Sofia Jernberg
Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul
Design by Travassos

Henrik Munkeby Norstebo trombone
Kjetil Jerve piano
Andreas Wildhagen drums and percussion
Sofia Jernberg voice

1. Ears Anciens
2. Omnivore’s Aperitif
3. Ghost Training
4. Solitude Chant

wydano: 2018-05-30
nagrano: Recorded by Dag Erik Johansen and Kai Andersen at Athletic Sound Studio, Halden on March 2nd and 3rd 2016
Mixed by Kyrre Laastad and mastered by Christian Obermayer

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Lana Trio with Sofia Jernberg
Lana Trio with Sofia Jernberg
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