Harvesting Minds

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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
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September 22, 2017 is the release date for Harvesting Minds, Italian trombonist Filippo Vignato’s debut album as leader on the CAM JAZZ label. After his first album, Plastic Breath (Auand, 2016), and being nominated “Best New Talent” in 2016 by the Musica Jazz magazine’s prestigious Top Jazz index, Vignato brings together some of the most influential young European musicians for a new, fully acoustic quartet: Giovanni Guidi on piano, Mattia Magatelli on double bass and Attila Gyárfás on drums. The electric atmospheres of his debut album are only apparently distant from the dry sounds of Harvesting Minds: in the passage between these two works emerge the sharp musical vision and the personality of Vignato that, together with his uncommon talent for composing, trace a coherent and evolving path. The result of the contrast between tension towards abstraction and melodic urgency, Harvesting Minds narrates a music that is sparked by the infinite human desire to reach a place where consciousness and unconsciousness meet.

“One of my main artistic intentions is to look for something other than the explicit: what is behind, under or around things. In an era saturated with images, sounds and media content of all kinds, Harvesting Minds wants to be an invitation to reconsider the importance of our inner space, of dialogue, of silence.” by Filippo Vignato

Giovanni Guidi: Piano
Filippo Vignato: Trombone
Mattia Magatelli: Bass
Attila Gyárfás: Drums

1. Harvesting Minds 6:25
2. Days Are Too Short 6:3
3. Unspoken Memories 4:58
4. Just Before Leaving 3:10
5. Home 6:18
6. Trains 4:34
7. Dark Glare 1:4
8. Reflections 1:47
9. Neverland Last 5:0
10. Couples 6:25
11. Trust 3:32

total time - 50:00
wydano: Sep 22, 2017
nagrano: Recorded in Cavalicco on 23 - 24 November 2016 at Artesuono Recording Studio

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CAM Jazz (I)
Filippo Vignato Quartet
Harvesting Minds
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