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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
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kontynent: Europa
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Editor's info:
Another star in the British jazz world has joined CAM JAZZ. After his contributions to John Taylor’s and Kenny Wheeler’s recordings, “Circularity” is Julian Argüelles’s debut album with this label. Eight original pieces, all bearing the leader’s signature and performed with a tried and true quartet: Argüelles on tenor and soprano sax, Dave Holland on double bass, Martin France on drums and, obviously, John Taylor on piano.
Argüelles’ artistic path is that of a musician who has kept moving forward, looking for new expressive forms as well as sonic and textural shades for his tunes. On stage for nearly thirty years (even though he is still under 50), the British saxophonist released his first record as a leader in 1991. Since then, ongoing growth and development have made him a musician who is never the same but, nevertheless, clearly recognizable. In the opening track, “Triality”, his sax relies on the introduction by the rhythm section, then quickly launching into a long solo that shows Argüelles’ great improvisational verve. Enchanting “Circularity”, driven by a groove revealing a strong empathy within the quartet. On the other hand, with the exception of Holland (Mick Hutton used to be on bass), it is the same combo that recorded “Phaedrus” in 1991 and the title of both the above piece and the entire album most likely also refer to the closing of an artistic and human circle. Then there is “A Simple Question”, with its hypnotic introduction by John Taylor, exotic “Unopened Letter” and gentle “Wilderness Lane”, up to the soft closing track, “A Lifelong Moment”. This is an excellent album to best celebrate a new artist joining CAM JAZZ’s team.

Dave Holland (Double Bass)
Julian Argüelles (Tenor And Soprano Sax)
Martin France (Drums)
John Taylor (Piano)

1. Triality 8:15
2. Lardy Dardy 7:47
3. Circularity 7:52
4. A Simple Question 6:55
5. Unopened Letter 7:44
6. Wilderness Lane 5:30
7. Another Escapade 9:47
8. A Lifelong Moment 8:15

total time - 62:31
wydano: Mar 11, 2014
nagrano: Recorded on 12, 13 August 2013 at the Curtis Schwartz Studio in Ardingly, West Sussex

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CAM Jazz (I)
Julian Argüelles, John Taylor, Dave Holland, Martin France
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