Cold World [Vinyl 1LP]

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Soul / Funk
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA

Editor's Info:
With Gabriel (Bosco Mann) Roth at the helm, Naomi and company went into the studio Summer 2013, and cut onto tape what can only be described as bonafide Soul Excitement of the highest order! At the heart of it, Cold World is a Soul record but the cross section of sub-genres the album weaves through makes it difficult to label it plainly as such. There are tracks like ‘Sinner’, ‘Heaven Is Mine’, and ‘Humble Me’ that capture the group’s penchant for Soul grooves, seasoned with Naomi’s tough vocal delivery, and the Queens melodic interplay, which captures perhaps better than any of the other tracks, NSGQ’s live show. Then there’s some hard funk by way of ‘Bound for the Promised Land’, ‘Cold World’, and ‘Thank You Lord’ - the percolating church rave-up of ‘Get Up, Child’, the country heavy ‘One Day’, and ‘I Earned Mine’, and the bouncing rumba of ‘Everybody Knows.' This album is a menagerie of Soul music at its finest, untied by the strong message-laden lyrics. Trust us, the wait was worth it.

Naomi Shelton: vocal
The Gospel Queens - Angel McKenzie, Bobbie Jean Gant, Edna Johnson: Vocals

Cliff Driver: Piano
Max Shrager: Guitar
Jimmy Hill: Organ
Fred Thomas: Bass Guitar
Mikey Post: Drums

Bosco Mann: Bass, Guitar, Tambourine
Brian Floody: Drums
Thomas Brenneck: Guitar
Alba Ponce De Leon: Vocals
Saundra Williams: Vocals, Tambourine

A1. Sinner
A2. Movin'
A3. Heaven Is Mine
A4. Bound For The Promised Land
A5. It's A Cold, Cold World
A6. I Don't Know
B1. Get Up, Child
B2. One Day
B3. I Earned Mine
B4. Humble Me
B5. Thank You Lord
B6. Everybody Knows (River Song)

wydano: 2014
nagrano: Recorded At Daptone's House of Soul


Daptone Records
Naomi Shelton & Gospel Queens
Vinyl 1LP
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