MusicAeterna, New Siberian Singers,Teodor Currentzis: Henry Purcell: Dido & Aeneas

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kontynent: Europa
kraj: Francja
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Editor's info:
With that of Orpheus, the myth of Dido has no doubt been one of the most prolific in epics, drama and, as from the 17th century, in musical theatre. Teodor Currentzis, a young rising star on the international scene (let's just mention his success in 2008 at Opéra Bastille), took hold of this musical monument to offer us a version where, for once, drama prevails.

Resulting from a triple, English, French and Italian influence, Dido and Aeneas reminds us of John Blow's mask as well as of Charpentier's short scenic works that its royal commissioner had seen during his exile in France. The plurality of registers is as much a legacy from Shakespearian theatre as from Venetian musical drama, whereas certain autonomous forms, such as the final lamento, are spurred by the typical descending tetrachord hailing from Venetian opera, Cavalli in particular, who's Erismena Purcell probably saw on stage in London in 1674 : umpteenth example of the cross-mix of cultures and literary and musical aesthetics that makes of Dido and Aeneas not so much a universal work of art as a true European opera.

Simone Kermes, soprano
Deborah York, soprano
Dimitris Tiliakos, baryton

New Siberian Singers
Teodor Currentzis, direction

1. Overture
Act I
2. Shake the cloud
3. Ah ! Belinda
4. Grief increases
5. Chorus : When Monarch unites
6. Whence could so much virtue
7. Chorus : Fear no danger
8. See, see
9. Chorus : Cupid only throws
10. If not for mine
11. Pursue thy conquest
12. Chorus : to the hills
Act II
13. Prelude for the Witches
14. Chorus : Harm's our delight
15. The Queen of Carthage
16. Ho, ho, ho
17. Ruin'd ere the set of sun
18. Ho, ho, ho
19. But ere we this perform
20. Chorus : In our deep vaulted cell
21. Echo Dance of Furies
22. Ritornelle
23. Thanks to these lonesome vales
24. Guitar Chacone
25. Oft she visits
26. Behold, upon my bending spear
27. Haste, haste to town
28. Stay, Prince
29. Prelude
30. The Sailor's Dance
31. See, see the flags
32. Our next motion
33. Chorus : Detruction's our delight
34. The Witches' Dance
35. Your counsel
36. Chorus : Great minds
37. Thy hand, Belinda
38. Dido's Lament
39. Chorus : With drooping wings

total time - 01:03:23
wydano: 18th Aug 2017 (2008)
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Henry Purcell [1659-1695]
MusicAeterna, Teodor Currentzis
Henry Purcell: Dido & Aeneas
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