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Freeform is the extremely free and open minded doppelganger from Simon Pyke, the prolific English musician sampled by Howie B. and getting credits for it. Appearing everywhere action is: Skam, Warp, Worm Interface, Language (on Electric Kingdom as Nudge), Law and Auder, Chocolate Industries. Freeform is a 'non-linear' electronician, experimentaing and investigating every aspect of what electronic music is and should be. For his new album under the Sub Rosa banner, Freeform is playing with the world of acoustic sources: creating a toy box ready to be opened for fun and pleasure, and forget all about Pandora. You get: action, exoticism, and weird things from outer space. Freeform is guiding whoever listens to this strange and amazingly beautiful album to unknown countries. Green Park is filled with the sound of a gamelan ensemble facing the gateway to King Kong's lair, with the astonishing sound from futuristic samba anthems, and sometimes with childlike neo-expressionist lullabies close to The Residents. An incredible soundtrack for a movie to create while listening -- eyes shut -- to this album, the source of inspiration for Roger Corman's James Bond feature, including exotic dancers abducted by pink and purple aliens while the hero has psychedelic dreams under a snowstorm in Bali. This time there will be a rumble in the quiet electronic village, and nobody to save This Island Earth, at last. Looking back to Freeform's already thick catalog, one might say that Green Park is once again a musical neologism, a habit that Simon Pike will surely not abandon too soon. If you thought you knew Freeform, have a walk in this Green Park and you can be sure things will change a little bit.


Sub Rosa (BE)
Green Park
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