Berlavag Mannsangforening: Heftig & Begeistret (Cool and crazy)

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Szanty / Soundtrack
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Norwegia
opakowanie: Digipackowe etui

Editor's Info:
Kirkelig Kulturverksted releases docuCD
Northern Norway's most experienced film creator has produced a film called "Heftig og begeistret", portraying a small fishing community out in the exposed ocean mouth of Northern Norway, where a vigorous local men's choir reflects life in all its facets, in all kinds of weather.
Kirkelig Kulturverksted, together with Norsk Film and Barentsfilm, have also feasted their eyes on this community, where you get a sense for the real Norwegian soul, and a closeness between people that makes a deep impression. Laughter, joy and expletive - very real and very straightforward.
Alf Christian Hvidsteen, Kirkelig Kulturverksted's sound producer through many years, is responsible for the sound. Per Oddvar Hildre is producer on this recording.
It was a late autumn day in Berlevĺg, during the recording of another film "Nĺr mřrket er forbi" (As darkness passes). A freezing northwesterly storm whipped the snow horizontally through the small fishing village. I went to a concert in the village, to listen to Berlevĺg Men's Choir.
From the very first moment I was gripped to tears. There these furrowed fishing men stood, with the unrelenting, freezing ocean right behind them, singing in all sincerity, strongly and convincingly:
"Nobody so safe in danger
as God's own little children"
Knut Erik Jensen
Film producer
This recording contains the songs and some of the highlights from the film, a docu CD!

1. Snurrevadshanty 2:10
2. Finnmarksangen 2:50
3. Jentan På Filèen 2:20
4. Kom Til Den Hvitmalte Kirke 2:50
5. Ingen Er Så Trygg For Fare 2:20
6. Vikingsønner 3:05
7. En Sangers Bøn 1:55
8. Trolljazz 2:30
9. De Nære Ting 2:40
10. Jeg Har Hørt Om Perleporten 3:45
11. I Midnattsolen 3:10
12. Barndomsminne Fra Nordland 4:10
13. Karobushka 2:15
14. Til Østerland 3:25
15. Sangen Om Sangen 2:55
16. Hav 2:55
17. Vaggvisa Från Kentucky 3:35
18. Over De Høie Fjelde 2:40
19. Deilig Er Jorden 2:35
20. Fanevagt 1:20

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Kirkelig Kulturverksted (NO)
Berlavag Mannsangforening
Heftig & Begeistret (Cool and crazy)
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