Nuria Rial, Artemandoline: Venice's Fragrance

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Editor's Info::
Arias for Mandoline and Soprano. The previous album of the Catalan soprano Nuria Rial with the Luxembourg-based ensemble Artemandoline received fantastic reviews: "Arias with mandolin accompaniment, that is much more than a serenade; There are also extremely virtuoso examples in which the mandolin, as an obligatory instrument, is called upon to do everything it can. The strings and Nuria Rial perfectly complement the plucked instrument in its articulation." (Concerti)

On their new album, Nuria Rial and Artemandoline, conducted by Juan Carlos Muñoz, present more "musical delicacies" (Toccata) - this time from 18th century Venice. In Venice of 18th century, the playing on the mandolin developed to the highest perfection and sounded as an integral part of a baroque ensemble in operas, oratorios and cantatas. Between 1690 and 1799, about 200 arias were written with the mandolin. "Venice's Fragrance" brings these valuable arias for soprano, mandolin and string instruments to new life. Arias from operas and oratorios by composers who worked in Venice, Baldassare Galuppi (1706-1785), Francesco Bartolomeo Conti (1681-1732), Gennaro Manna (1715-1779), Tommaso Traetta (1727-1779) and Antonio Lotti (1667-1740) were selected. There are also two mandolin concertos by Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) and a sonata for mandolin and violin by Carlo Arrigoni (1697-1744). The recordings are enchanting with their ingenuity, refinement and above all with their engaging melodies - "which are presented to us here by a brilliant singer and an inspired and rousing orchestra"(Toccata).

Nuria Rial (soprano)
Juan Carlos Muñoz (mandolin), Mari Fe Pavón (mandolin), Girolamo Bottiglieri (violin), Alla Tolkacheva (mandolin)

1. Traetta: Le Feste d'Imeneo: Bella armonia vieni (Aria)
2. Vivaldi: Concerto for two Mandolins in G Major, RV 532, F.5 / 2 - I. Allegro
3. Vivaldi: Concerto for two Mandolins in G Major, RV 532, F.5 / 2 - II. Andante
4. Vivaldi: Concerto for two Mandolins in G Major, RV 532, F.5 / 2 - III. Allegro
5. Galuppi: Jahel: Rosa e Lilio (Aria)
6. Manna: Achille in Sciro: Se un core annodi (Aria)
7. Conti, F: Il trionfo dell'amicizia e dell'amore: Dei colli nostri (Aria)
8. Arrigoni: Sonata for Violin, Mandolin and Basso in E Minor
9. I. Preludio - Presto
10. II. Canzona
11. III. Courante
12. IV. Presto
13. Conti, F: L'Astarto: Finché spera che le rieda (Aria)
14. Lotti: Teofane: Lascia che nel suo viso (Aria)
15. anon.: Folias
16. Vivaldi: Mandolin Concerto in C Major, RV 425 ; P.134 ; F.V.1
17. I. Allegro
18. II. Largo
19. III. Allegro

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Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (DE)
Carlo Arrigoni (1697-1744), Francesco Bartolomeo Conti (1682-1732), Baldassare Galuppi (1706-85), Antonio Lotti (c.1667-1740), Gennaro Manna (1715-79), Tommaso Traetta (1727-79), Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
Nuria Rial, Artemandoline
Venice's Fragrance
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