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Punk Rock
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Originally released in 1983 as an analog cassette-only, New Too Much Junkie Business was one of ROIR'S best-ever selling cassettes. It has now been digitally remastered and repackaged for CD release.

What the late ROBERT PALMER, head rock critic of The New York Times had to say about the Thunders "New Too Much Junkie Business" cassette in 1983: "Inspirational cassette. His guitar sound has jagged edges, rips and rends like barbed wire while his rangy voice wraps itself around a lyric like an undernourished boa constrictor. Kicking, careening, rousing anarchic performances here!"

Ex-New York Dolls and Heartbreakers leader, the late Johnny Thunders, represents the pure unadulterated New "Yawk" Rock n' Roller. Walk down St. Mark's Place or Alphabet City in NYC even today and you will see dozens of Johnny Thunders look-a-likes, sound-a-likes and wanna-be's. A talented musician, singer, composer and charismatic performer, Thunders was totally unique and special. He idolized Keith Richards and, unfortunately, Keith Richards' lifestyle.

"When he played at my night club, The 80's, in the late 1970's and early 1980's, he packed the house, he was totally stoned and he drew a large crowd. When he attempted to play straight, the audiences were disappointed and always egged him on to get high. They wanted him stoned out of his mind - and that is what he gave them." - Neil Cooper (ROIR president and former owner of The 80's nightclub, NYC)

This release is especially interesting because of the studio production by Jimmy Miller, the Rolling Stones producer, the participation of Heartbreakers members Walter Lure and Jerry Nolan, and the track with Wayne Kramer (MC5), where he plays and sings. (TRACK #9)


"Nut-zo introductions, all feedback, every bit of show biz decorum thrown in the pile with his spent syringes. Loaded enough here to get busted for impersonating a medical cabinet - Thunders boy at his lunatic best. Revel in the chaotic cool that is this album."
Cub Koda, Goldmine 10/14/94

"Thunders sneering, urban white trash vocals and feedback scarred tales of sheer pathos are stamped with unshakable individuality. Certified anti-hero of gotham scene." - Variety 6/20/83

"A gutsy workout reminiscent of the old Rolling Stones." Smash Hits, UK 10/5/83

"This wasted cat has presence. He rocks with authority, baby - if raunchy outlaws with guitars are your thing." Jon Young, Trouser Press 7/83

"It's the raw edge of rock n' roll at its best, stripped of punk posture and electronic marvels." Fact Sheet 5 1983

"The most cohesive thing he's done since his 1978 solo album, So Alone. Johnny is at his uncontrollable best, inciting the crowd to participate and verbally conducting the band. Blends the raw sounds of early rock with the realities of life in NY. This tape is a godsend." Music 7/83

"The face of punk, and it belongs to Johnny Thunders. Reveals the downtown rock idol at the top of his form." Route 6, 9/83

"Comes as close as anyone to the real thing - his jagged, cynical, touchy music expresses and contains desperation." Simon Frith Rock 1983

"Thunders refers to the tape as 'the only thing that we really authorized'. The record he thinks counts the most is the ROIR cassette Too Much Junkie Business." Johnny Thunders Not Dead Yet by Kress Kamrath 1983

"The King of the Junkie Twerps is back. Wow kid, like dig it. A genuine misogynist tough guy with a voice so whiney it'll make your balls crawl back up to where they came from. Personally, I think Johnny Gonzalez A.K.A. Thunders should be shot if not garroted with a guitar string." James Marshall East Village Eye 4/83 (editor's note: I guess he didn't like it.)

"Following in the footsteps of his idol Keith Richards, Johnny Thunders lived the ultimate rock n' roll life, spending most of his days wasted and churning out tough, sloppy, three chord rock n' roll. An ex New York Doll, he was a familiar figure on the NYC punk scene, both with the Heartbreakers and as a solo artist. No other rock n' roller lived as hard as Johnny Thunders. (editor's note: Iggy Pop???)" All Music Guide to Rock

"The band (Heartbreakers) achieved greater popularity in the UK, where they were idolized and accepted as peers by early punk-rock bands that had identified with the Dolls." Guinness Who's Who of Indie New Wave

Johnny Thunders
Jerry Nolan
Walter Lure
Wayne Kramer
Tony Curio
Peter Bollen
Ronnie Peterson
Billy Rogers
Ron Cook
John Morgan
and Rixons

Produced by: Jimmy Miller and Johnny Thunders
Liner Notes by: Robert Palmer

Who Do Voodoo
In Cold Blood
Just Another Girl
Sad Vacation
Diary of a Lover
Get Off the Phone
Who Needs Girls?
Too Much Junkie Business
King of the Gypsies
So Alone
I Love You
Great Big Kiss
Let Go
Jet Boy

nagrano: Studio Sound: Chelsea Studios, NYC (1982) Live Sound: Peppermint Lounge, NYC (1982)
more info: www.roir-usa.com

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