Years Of A Trilogy

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Modern Jazz / Pianistyka Jazzowa
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kontynent: Europa
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Henning Wolter, who lives in Cologne, Germany, has created an excellent reputation for himself as a pianist, composer, arranger and bandleader with his two albums “Voyager” (Bos. Rec. 19.3) and “Two Faces” (DOUBLE MOON DMCD 1003). Both albums received enthusiastic reviews. Now his third album follows, “Years Of A Trilogy,” which picks up seamlessly from where its predecessors left off and again wins us over with his fantastic compositions and arrangements. The trio with Henning Wolter on piano, Lucien Matheeuwsen on bass and Marcel van Cleef on drums has been playing with the same line-up for ten years – a long time, which has forged strong bonds and mutual consciousness. Each of them knows what the others think and feel, which is expressed with musical perfection in the emotions of the individual compositions. The Henning Wolter Trio is not the coming together of three musicians for a project, but instead is the meeting of three excellent “musical kindred spirits,” who spur each other on and have something to say to one another. “Years Of A Trilogy” is the culmination of the collected works of three albums and the logical continuation of the two predecessor CDs. The two guest musicians Eric Vloeimans (tp) and Gerd Dudek (ss) are also involved again, who give the pieces a very exquisite touch with their unmistakable styles

With seven of his own compositions, Henning Wolter demonstrates his almost eerie sense for sensitive jazz, which listeners feel in the innermost parts of their hearts. There are no repeated phrases here, but instead everything is fresh and unique. The opener “7 x 2 New Orleans” is a bright piece in 9/4 rhythm (5/4 + 4/4) played as a quartet with a driving theme. Its solos sometimes have a light melancholic touch and then challenge us again with experimental sounds. “Lucien’s Sweet Suite” features bassist Lucien Matheeuwsen with an emotional introduction, which then slowly develops into a thrilling Latin jazz piece led by Wolter’s spirited playing and a very varied drum background by Marcel van Cleef, who uses all the effects of his atypical drum sets equipped with numerous foot pedals, HiHats, cymbals, African drums, kick conga, snares, tom-toms and bass drum.

“Via Ronco” is a remembrance of a place at Lake Maggiore, where one of the most beautiful church squares is located on its main road, with a wonderful view of the lake. It is a composition full of feeling with a rousing soprano sax contribution by Gerd Dudek, who transports listeners spiritually and precisely to this fabulous place. The two pieces “The Lonely Voyager,” an imaginative drum solo by Marcel van Cleef, and “The Voyager Returns” form a unity and relate to the first album of this trilogy, “Voyager.” The idea of the harmonic concept of the title piece of that CD is again taken up and developed further. “Karen’s Call” provides a dreamy ambiance, dedicated to a cellist named Karen from whom a call is still being awaited. Beautiful melodies by Wolter and Dudek and an excitingly realized background of bass and drums result again and again in surprising turns, so that the directions cannot be foreseen and lead into the unknown – as the planned collaboration with the “missing” cellist. Henning Wolter presents a ballad-like high point with his favorite song “Everything Reminds Me Of You,” perhaps the most personal and in any case the most intimate piece on “Years Of A Trilogy.” The pianist glides with tones as smooth as silk across his keys, softly and sensitively. And trombone player Eric Vloeimans adopts this feeling with an impressive, dreamy solo. The upbeat tempo number “Peja” brings listeners back down to jazz basics with an ingenious Marcel van Cleef on the drum set, who played the multifaceted percussion live without any overdubbing or additional percussionist! The program is rounded off by two pieces written in collaboration. “Normandie” alternates between different emotions with many changes of tempo, and the final “Septology” is a pulsating, funky and impressive finale, which really heats things up once again

Henning Wolter: piano
Lucien Matheeuwsen: bass
Marcel van Cleef: drums

Gerd Dudek: soprano saxophone
Eric Vloeimans: trumpet

1. New Orleans
2. Lucien's Sweet Suite
3. Via Ronco
4. Normandie
5. Lonely Voyager
6. The Voyager Returns
7. Karen's Call
8. Everything Reminds Me of You
9. Peja
10. Septology

wydano: 2001-05-29
more info: www.doublemoon.de

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