Come Into the Light

  • Kod: SCD2058
  • Producent: Savant (USA)
  • Wykonawca: Winard Harper
  • Nośnik: CD
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Straightahead / Mainstream Jazz
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

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Editor's Info:
Winard Harper is one of the most dynamic drummers in jazz today. Besides rock-solid rhythm, a prerequisite for any drummer, Winard possesses a extremely keen ear for percussive color, drawing a myriad number of sounds from not only from the traditional trap set, but incorporating the exotic sounds of traditional African instruments into the mix. This is the band that Winard has been taking out on the road for the last few years and, because of this, the ensemble playing is intuitive and tight. Jazz standards (Freddie Hubbard's' "Sunflower", Tad Dameron's "If You Could See Me Now") and original tunes grace Winard's latest. This was recorded live at Cecil's, the newest jazz hangout in the Metro-New York area.
Winard Harper: drums
Patrick Rickman: trumpet
Brian Horton: saxophones
Jeb Patton: piano
Kevin Sholar: piano
Ameen Saleem: bass
Alioune Faye: percussion

1. Float
2. Sunflower
3. Divine Intervention
4. If You Could See Me Now
5. 911
6. T.F.
7. Specimen A
8. Polka Dots and Moondbeams
9. Corner Pocket
10. Come Into the Light
11. Korinthis

wydano: 2004
nagrano: 2004
more info: www.jazzdepot.com

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