Welcome Adventure! Vol. 1 [Vinyl 1LP]

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  • Wykonawca: Daniel Carter / Matthew Shipp / William Parker / Gerald Cleaver
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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: kartonowe etui

multikulti.com - ocena * * * * *:
Stef Gisjels, założyciel freejazzblog.org w ten sposób kończył recenzję płyty "Seraphic Light" (AUM, 2018) trio Daniel Carter, William Parker & Matthew Shipp:
... Ten album jest jednym z najlepszych albumów roku, jeśli nie jednym z najlepszych albumów free jazz w historii. Znakomity. Majestatyczny. Wielki. Piękny."

Teraz, po dwóch latach od wydania "Seraphic Light" fani jazzu otrzymują nagranie poszerzonego do kwartetu składu - Daniel Carter, William Parker, Matthew Shipp & Gerald Cleaver "Welcome Adventure! Vol. 1" (577 Records 2020).
Efekt jest wyjątkowy, wymienność ról w ramach poszczególnych utworów, William Parker z Matthew Shippem grają w niezwykłym uniesieniu, przez dziesięciolecia wspólnego muzykowania poznali chyba wszystkie miejsca na mapach swoich wrażliwości, Daniel Carter bez znaczenia czy na trąbce, czy na saksofonie wzlatuje wysoko ponad pułap gatunkowych ograniczeń, Gerald Cleaver w końcu czyni ich wspólną muzykę masywną i pełną. Posłuchajcie kontrabasu arco Williama Parkera w "Majestic Travel Agency", albo zawiadującego kierunkiem narracji w "Ear-regularities" fortepianu Matthew Shippa a ogień free-jazzowego szaleństwa rozbłyśnie z pełną siłą!
Daniel Carter, Matthew Ship, William Parker i Gerald Cleaver po raz pierwszy wspólnie na płycie. Tego nie można przegapić!
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Editor's info:
Are you ready for magic? The master musicians Daniel Carter, Matthew Shipp, William Parker and Gerald Cleaver will provide access with this album, the first they have released after playing together for decades.

Daniel Carter has been collaborating with William Parker since the early 70s and with Matthew Shipp starting in the mid 80s. This trio has played together on many recordings but by adding legendary drummer Gerald Cleaver to the mix they have created a masterpiece combination; a supergroup of sorts. This all-star project is presented in two parts/LPs. This is the first volume - with volume two scheduled to be published in the near future.

Listen to Welcome Adventure! and experience the mystical journey of these masterful artists as they guide you through the realm of magic.

We can’t help read meaning into art and music. And clearly, the weird adventure we’re all living through now isn’t what this improvising quartet was getting at with the title of its album. The music here, though, swings a bit more than the names billed might lead folks to believe.

Two extended excursions bookend a shorter four-minute piece, “Scintillate,” where 577 label owner Daniel Carter offers up a cool tone on both trumpet and saxophone, sometimes poking around a bit to figure out where pianist Matthew Shipp is tonally—and where he’s leading the group. This is exploratory music—yes, the title gives it away. But it’s also the kind of music that benefits from listeners being able to sit around together and discuss what they’ve heard—or what they think they’ve heard, expanding their own knowledge of music in the process.

Shipp and bassist William Parker have decades of musical partnership behind them, and drummer Gerald Cleaver’s been an occasional compatriot in the past, too. So, what does it mean that they’re performing within this context? Is Carter’s approach as good a fit as when the rhythm section here helped record reedist Roscoe Mitchell’s ECM album Nine To Get Ready in 1997? Maybe. Or maybe not. It’s not a topic that folks currently can sit around at a bar and discuss. Discourse around the music, too, has been kneecapped by the pandemic. And we’re all a little worse off for it.

Parker playing arco during a short stretch on “Majestic Travel Agency,” the opener here, is a nice detour before the song sputters to a stop. And on the heroic 20-minute closer, “Ear-regularities,” the quartet rumbles along its journey, with Shipp steering the way. We’ll have to see when further adventures actually can be chartered, so listeners and acolytes can again congregate and let the music direct their imaginations toward new intellectual panoramas.
By Dave Cantor

In varying combinations Daniel Carter (saxophone, flute, trumpet), William Parker (bass) and Matthew Shipp (piano) have been playing alongside with different drummers since the 1980s, e.g. with Rashid Bakr as Other Dimensions in Music (AUM Fidelity, 2002) or with Guillermo E. Brown on Matthew Shipp’s Nu Bop (Thirsty Ear, 2002) - to name just two examples. Two years ago they released Seraphic Light (AUM Fidelity), a miraculous trio album that displayed a kind of free jazz with the handbrake on. It rightfully was one of our favourite albums of the year 2018. Now, on Welcome Adventure! Vol. 1, the trio has added a drummer again - jack of all trades Gerald Cleaver. The new formation presents a different sound compared to Seraphic Light, in most parts the music is more melodic, more harmonic and therefore more accessible, since Cleaver and Parker often decide to just swing. Carter on the saxophone reminds me of a relaxed John Coltrane (imagine Trane had a different rhythm section, would he have sounded like this recording?) and when he’s on trumpet he’s more reminiscent of the late 1960s Miles Davis or Tomasz Stanko’s balladesque moments, which is audible on the thirteen-minute opener “Majestic Travel Agency“.

Parker is the man who sets a first structure, Cleaver supports him elegantly swinging and Shipp only contributes a few chords very sparingly. Here, the texture is enhanced by Carter's thoughtful flowing saxophone lines. He and Shipp seem to be moving to and fro each other, up and down, inflating and deflating, from sweet and soft melodies to angular runs, as if we were in a 1960s jazz club. The piece is never at ease with itself - only until Parker shortly switches to bowed bass, which gives the track the possibility to cool down. The reflective mode continues with the relatively brief “Scintillate“, featuring Carter on trumpet, elegantly interacting with Shipp like two cats on a nightly stroll through the streets of Manhattan. The piece is meditative in tone and melds spiritual yearning with serenity. “Scintillate“ is a cool jazz number for the 2020s, never too smooth or even cheesy, since Shipp knows how to set sharp accents. Finally, “Ear-regularities“ is what the title promises: Compared to the two tracks before it’s the freest piece without going over the top. At the beginning Carter’s flute melodies glide over the slowly intertwined lines of his partners and when he switches to trumpet again the phrases he plays seem wonderfully floating. His sound is very lush, smoothing out the rough edges heard up to this point. In contrast to that, Parker, Cleaver and Shipp play around rather than with him, which avoids that the atmosphere gets too cosy. Shipp's typical sound is recognizable here for the first time, as often it looks as if the heels of his hands are rolling on the keys like in a gymnastics exercise. The entire music on this album is delivered in a very patient manner, avoiding lengthy solos for group interactions (“Ear-regularities“) and elaborated celestial soundscapes (“Scintillate“).

Welcome Adventure! Vol. 1 offers the kind of musical coherence that results from concordance and virtuosity. William Parker, Gerald Cleaver, Matthew Shipp and the especially outstanding Daniel Carter have all got plenty of that going for them.

Welcome Adventure! Vol. 1 is a challenging album that offers a lot to discover under the surface. I’m already looking forward to Volume 2.
By Martin Schray

In addition to collaborating with El-P, Thurston Moore and Yo La Tengo, multi-instrumentalist Daniel Carter is mostly known for his works with avant-jazz pianist Matthew Shipp and bassist William Parker. Following up their celebrated 2018 release Seraphic Light, the trio have added Detroit drummer Gerald Cleaver to release the live-recorded Welcome Adventure! Vol. 1. As you'd expect from Shipp and Parker, much of this three-track, 38-minute improv record comes off exceedingly modern, playing off the second generation of free jazz, while adding the attitude of no wave and structures of post-rock.

On the exterior, much of Welcome Adventure! Vol. 1 sounds somewhat tame as the first two tracks, "Majestic Travel Agency" and "Scintillate," come off as if the quartet are warming up for the album's 20-minute finale, save for Cleaver's beautifully racketed drum sound. Luckily "Ear-regularities" pulls the LP together with Carter moving between flute, saxophone and trumpet while Shipp lays down cool cacophonous keys reminiscent of late-career Cecil Taylor.

The addition of "Vol. 1" to the album's title gives listeners a glimmer of hope that Carter, Shipp, Parker and Cleaver can transform this collaboration into something even more "out there."
By Daniel Sylvester

All About Jazz:
When multi-instrumentalist Daniel Carter, bassist William Parker and pianist Matthew Shipp met for an esoteric evening of discussion and music at Tufts University in 2017, the net result was Seraphic Light (AUM Fidelity, 2018). That three-part improvised program was one of the best free improvisation albums of the year. On Welcome Adventure! Vol. 1, the trio expands to a quartet with the addition of drummer Gerald Cleaver. The new formation brings with it a sound different from the first excursion.

Carter has not received the recognition due to him, despite thirty years in New York's downtown scene, playing with some of the best musicians in creative music. His history with Parker and Shipp dates back decades. Carter played six wind instruments on Seraphic Light, often in tone-altering sequences. On Welcome Adventure! Vol. 1 he focuses on his primary instrument, the tenor saxophone, as well as trumpet and flute. Along with the presence of Cleaver, the dynamics move from free-flowing expressiveness to a more visceral sound.

The album opens with the thirteen-minute "Majestic Travel Agency." Among Shipp's experiments has been moving hard-bop into a new direction, an approach he and Parker demonstrated on Nu Bop (Thirsty Ear, 2002). Here, the tactic is enhanced by Carter's thoughtful flowing lines and blues shadings. He and Shipp occasionally engage in give-and-take until Parker switches to bowed bass, and the piece heads to a more ethereal place. The relatively brief "Scintillate" is a beautifully reflective piece, featuring Carter on trumpet, elegantly interacting with Shipp. The twenty-minute closing number, "Ear-regularities," is the freest playing without going over the top. In brief cells, the interactions between Parker and Cleaver are intriguing as are the other combinations from the quartet.

This leaderless group was excellent in their trio format debut, and they surpass that high bar on Welcome Adventure! Vol. 1. The music is, by turns, jubilant, muted, intelligent; the quartet, with all their history of connectivity, manage to be empathetic without formulas. Shipp, Parker, and Carter come to the project with a wealth of harmonic skills generously shared and exchanged. Cleaver, in a class with the best avant-garde drummers, contributes in ways that can't be overstated. He doesn't just move the music and hold it together, he generates and creates spontaneously. There is much about Welcome Adventure! Vol. 1 that registers on an emotional level. Volume 2 promises to be just as welcome.

Daniel Carter - Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, Flute
Matthew Shipp - Piano
William Parker - Bass
Gerald Cleaver - Drums

A1. Majestic Travel Agency 13:02
A2. Scintillate 4:37
B1. Ear-regularities 20:05

wydano: June 5th, 2020
nagrano: Recorded on October 29th, 2019, by Jeremy Loucas at Sear Sound, New York City

more info: www.577records.com

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