Turning Point

  • Kod: SKP91082
  • Producent: Skip (DE)
  • Kod producenta: 4037688910822
  • Wykonawca: Caro Josée
  • Nośnik: CD
  • Instrument lidera: vocals
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Wokalistyka Jazzowa
premiera polska:
Wydawnicto Audiofilskie

kontynent: Europa
kraj: Niemcy
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Pierwsza płyta w barwach SKIP Records jazzowej wokalistki Caro Josée. Nagrywała dotąd dla uznanych wytwórni płytowych jak TELDEC, WEA Records, MCA czy Virgin Records.
Już tylko to jest dowodem, że mamy do czynienia z jazzem na najwyższym światowym poziomie.
Słychać, źe Caro Josée najlepiej czuje się na pograniczu bluesa, jazzu i soulu.
Większość z jedenastu stylowych piosenek zaśpiewanych zostało w delikatnej, balladowej konwencji i nie wychodzą one zbytnio poza nastrój otwierającego krążek "La Terrazza".
Album udał się doskonale. dopracowane w detalu aranżacje instrumentów smyczkowych, za które odpowiedzialni są Okko Bekker i Alexander Hopf, "vintage sound" fortepianu i organów Fendera, akustyczne gitary i instrumenty dęte tworzą niepowtarzalny klimat.
Nie przez przypadek płyta otrzymała ECHO JAZZ AWARD w kategorii “Female Singer of the Year”.

“TURNING POINT, the title flies to me - in Lingueglietta, an enchanting mountain village overlooking Lorenzo al Mare. I’m sitting in the sunshine and listening to my first mixes as I gaze at the sea and think back on the last few years. My mother’s death changed me, our wonderful daughter is becoming more grown-up, our son’s voice is changing and I’m in a phase of awakening, at a turning point in my life.” Caro Josée uses these words on her website to describe what’s special about the album being presented.

Caro Josée goes her own way without relenting to the Pressure from what is commonly known as a trend-oriented music business. Before she took her ‘family break’, as CARO she delivered 5 successful album productions to that very business and went on to become an icon with the legendary house band at “Onkel Pö’s”, once a famous club in Hamburg. In 1978 she was awarded the German Record Prize as “Up-and-Coming National Pop Artist” and promptly received labels such as ‘top-secret tip’ so typical of the industry. In a cover feature for the magazine STERN she was even designated a ‘Rock lady’, which brought effective publicity but had little to do with the music. Now outfitted with an enhanced musical understanding of herself and having matured by gaining lots of life’s experiences beyond the stage, in 2012 this singer with that ‘certain something’ in her voice has added her middle name and completed an album that is certainly one of the most expressive and emotion-packed productions by a German artist in the recent past. Not one note on it seems to be superfluous or lacking, whether played or sung: The tracks are to the point and staged as clear as glass. The fantastic soundtrack for a wonderful, mild summer evening when thoughts can Run free.

Jazzier than ever is a good way to describe how Caro Josée sounds on “Turning Point”. On these recordings she is supported by first-rate musicians such as Jean Jacques Kravetz on the Fender Rhodes (Peter Maffay, Udo Lindenberg), as well as by the two co-producers Andreas Paulsen, piano (Ina Müller Band among others), and Martin Scheffler, guitar (Rosenstolz among others). Special Moments with an extremely atmospheric touch are contributed by solos from guitarist Manusch Weiss, who comes from a renowned Family of Sinti musicians, and trumpet-player Reiner Winterschladen (Nighthawks, NDR Bigband). An out-of-the-ordinary symbiosis of Blues-tinted Sinti Jazz and the coolness of laid-back trumpet riffs, all of which go to show once again that Caro Josée is an artst who doesn’t let herself be easily boxed in a category.

Her album offers songs to dream to and others that merit listening attention: tales of life & loss, about major emotions. These tracks display a strong yet still vulnerable woman who has arrived at a turning point in her life full of passion, though without pathos: a woman with embraces life to the fullest.

Caro Josée and her band are going to be appearing live, too, this time together with guest soloist Manusch Weiss. On April 28th at the Hamburg Town Hall (“Lange Nacht der Museen” event), on May 26th at the Elbjazz festival, at additional dates in the early summer and on tour in the fall of 2012, this vocalist will be touching audiences with sounds to relax to and reflect on.

Caro Josée (Vocal)
Andreas Paulsen (Piano)
Martin Scheffler (Gitarre)
Robbie Smith (Drums)
Thomas Biller (Bass)
Manusch Weiss (Gitarre)
Enzo Weiss (Gitarre)
Julian Kravetz (Drums)
Zweti (Violine)
Okko Bekker, Alexander Hopf (Streicherarrangement)
Jean Jacques Kravetz (Fender Rhodes)
Pascal Kravetz (Orgel)
Reiner Winterschladen (Trompete)

1. La Terrazza
2. Paris
3. The Lawyer's Wife
4. Night Time
5. Bouillabaisse
6. Mona Lisa Liut
7. A Love Like This
8. No Stars In My Sky
9. Sos
10. It's Impossible
11. Mi Amor

wydano: 2012
more info: www.skiprecords.com
more info2: www.carojosee.com
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