Travel The World With Putumayo

  • Kod: PUTU130
  • Producent: Putumayo (USA)
  • Wykonawca: Różni Wykonawcy - Putumayo Presents
  • Nośnik: CD
  • Cena: 45,90 zł
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kontynent: Ameryka Południowa
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Putumayo World Music is one label that's unlikely to be accused of stressing the obvious when assembling its compilations. Whether its focus is Celtic, African or Latin music, Putumayo has kept things exciting by so often making unlikely yet appropriate choices. Released in 1997, Travel the World With Putumayo is a compilation drawing on 12 of its other compilations. This fine CD doesn't focus on any one specific area of world music, and listeners are treated to everything from the exuberant African pop of Toure Kunda's "Wadini" and Kotoja's "Sawale" to the Celtic leanings of Capercallie's "Dark Alan" and Deanta's "King Of The Blues." Poncho Sanchez's infectious cha-cha "Besame Mama" is a perfect example of Putumayo's making a less-than-obvious choice -- instead of picking a big salsa star like Willie Colon, Oscar D'Leon or Celia Cruz, the label goes for someone who is best known for Latin jazz but plays salsa maybe 10% of the time. Full of surprises, Travel the World With Putumayo points to the fact that in the mid- to late 1990s, Putumayo was among the most valuable labels in the world music field.
Review by Alex Henderson

59,90 zł
45,90 zł

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1. Pump Me Up - Krosfyah
2. Besame Mama - Poncho Sanchez
3. Sawale - Kotoja
4. Wadini - Toure Kunda
5. Falsa Testemunho - Maria Alice
6. Ohureo - Baka Beyond
7. Nasca Lines - Brian Hughes
8. Dark Alan - Capercaillie
9. Turning Away - Dougie MacLean
10. King of the Blues - Deanta
11. Maryland - Vonda Shepard
12. I'm a Givin' Way - Laura Love

total time - 59:07
wydano: May 20, 1997
nagrano: 1986 - 1997
more info: www.putumayo.com

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