Théodore Gouvy: Piano Trios [2CD]

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Klasyczna Muzyka Kameralna
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kontynent: Europa
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When Alexandre Dratwicki, Scientific Director of Palazzetto Bru Zane - Centre de musique romantique franc¸aise - told us about Louis The´odore Gouvy, the name was completely new to us. Balancing our interpretations of the Great Composers with the discovery and evaluation of lesser known composers has always been one of our main objectives and, with this in mind, we have already dedicated a lot of time to Hummel. He at least was a known composer amongst the first Romantic Virtuosi, whereas investigating Gouvy was just a vague idea, but one that turned out to be extremely stimulating. As soon as we started analysing his music, we realised that it was yet another example of an important composer that has unjustly been ignored. The fact that he was born in an area that historically has frequently changed hands between France and Germany (he only became a French citizen at the age of 32) partly explains his struggle to fame, but it enabled him to develop a unique style. He mixed the solidity, potency and richness of the Romantic German Structure with the unusual inventiveness, the bubbly curiosity and cosmopolitan variety of French Music and Culture of the second half of the 19th century, all combined with a romantic instrumental virtuosity and the irresistible and unquenchable passion for the world of opera. He captivated us in particular with his thematic inventions, his superb knowledge of harmony and instrumental composition, but also his ingenuous way of dealing with new musical approaches. Out of the 5 trios that Gouvy has written, we have chosen nos. 2, 3 and 4.

1. Piano Trio no. 2 op. 18, Allegro vivace 09:44
2. Piano Trio no. 2 op. 18, Andante 07:22
3. Piano Trio no. 2 op. 18, Scherzo 03:53
4. Piano Trio no. 2 op. 18, Finale 08:10
5. Piano Trio no. 3 op. 19, Allegro moderato 10:16
6. Piano Trio no. 3 op. 19, Intermezzo 04:50
7. Piano Trio no. 3 op. 19, Adagio 07:32
8. Piano Trio no. 3 op. 19, Finale 07:48

9. Piano Trio no. 4 op. 22, Allegro con brio 10:17
10. Piano Trio no. 4 op. 22, Larghetto 08:26
11. Piano Trio no. 4 op. 22, Minuetto 04:24
12. Piano Trio no. 4 op. 22, Finale 06:38

wydano: 2013-01
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