The Trees

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  • Producent: Ilk Records (DK)
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  • Wykonawca: Mark Solborg Trio feat. Herb Robertson & Evan Parker
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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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Podczas Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2011 duński gitarzysta i kompozytor Mark Solborg wystąpił ze swoim trio, jako gości specjalnych zapraszając brytyjskiego saksofonistę Evana Parkera i amerykańskiego trębacza Herba Robertsona. Rezultatem tego niezwykłego spotkania i dwóch kolejnych koncertów, z których jeden odbył się na Arhus International Jazzfestival jest album zatytułowany „The Trees”, który pod szyldem ILK Music ma swoją premierę.

Mark Solborg opisuje swój najnowszy projekt jako istotny punkt w pracy z muzyką improwizowaną. Kolektywna świadomość pięciu muzyków i swoisty stosunek Parkera do muzyki improwizowanej nadały brzmieniom zawartym na płycie niemalże symfoniczny charakter, co obrazując można porównać z przechadzaniem się między drzewami w ogrodzie botanicznym. To nie jest monolog, lecz kolektywny dialog pomiędzy architektami muzycznych krajobrazów. Uważnie wsłuchaj się w muzykę, a znajdziesz w niej ciekawy świat stworzony z widoków, światła i opowieści w obrębie dźwięków i kształtów starannie formowanych przez tych mistrzowskich instrumentalistów.

Liner notes napisał pianista Django Bates.

Mark Solborg ma na swoim koncie 12 płyt jako lider i współlider oraz występy na wiodących europejskich festiwalach jazzowych, co dało już muzykowi ugruntowaną pozycję zarówno na duńskiej jaki i międzynarodowej scenie muzyki improwizowanej. Swoimi pracami jako kompozytora i gitarzysty zyskał już sobie międzynarodowe uznanie. Poza spotkaniami z Eillerstenem, Parkerem i Robertsonem wśród jego współpracowników znaleźli się również: Chris Speed, Hank Roberts, Paal Nilssen-Love, Francesco Bigoni, Marc Lohr, Lotte Anker i wielu innych.

Sekcja rytmiczna tria Solborga jest wyjątkową i nieprzewidywalną kombinacją osobowości norweskiego basisty Matsa Eilertsena i duńskiego perkusisty Petera Brunna. Eilersten jest jednym z wysoko cenionych basistów w swoim kraju, mającym na swoim koncie występy i nagrania z Food, The Source, Ernstem Reijsegerem, Patem Methenym, Bobo Stensonem, czy Tordem Gustafsonem. Brunn z kolei jest uznawany za jednego z najlepszych perkusistów w Danii, regularnie współpracującym z trio Django Batesa, kwintetem Marca Ducreta i kilkoma duńskimi grupami.

Editor's info:
Rustle, blast, scratch and howl. The world is noisy (and a great place to live)…
At Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2011 Danish guitarist and composer Mark Solborg invited the legendary British saxophonist and improviser Evan Parker to join his trio and the fabulous american trumpetplayer Herb Robertson. An unusual and unique meeting across borders and generations was at hand. The group played three exclusive concerts in Copenhagen, one at Arhus International Jazzfestival and spent a day in the studio - documenting discoveries made during the concerts. What you hear on The Trees is a selection of what happened that day.

Solborg describes the project as an essential peak in his work with improvised music. The extreme collective awareness of all 5 players, and Parkers deeply rooted aproach, gives the music an almost symphonic caracter - like a walk through an arboretum (a botanical garden of trees). This music is not about oneway soliloquies but a conversation between equal musical landscape-architects. Listen carefully and you will find a curious world of views, light and tales within the sounds and shapes carefully molded by these master musicians.

British pianoplayer and composer par excellence Django Bates has added the very poetic linernotes on The Trees. The album is available digitally, as CD and on a beautiful 180g limited edition LP.

With 12 releases as leader or co. leader and performances at leading European jazzfestivals Solborg has established himself with clear defined imprints on the Danish and International Jazz- and Improv-scene. His production includes both composed and improvised music.

Besides Eillertsen, Parker & Robertson collaborators include Chris Speed, Hank Roberts, Paal Nilssen-Love, Francesco Bigoni, Marc Lohr, Lotte Anker, a.o. Solborgs work as guitarist and composer has recieved substantial international recognition.

On his latest release with new original compositions for nonet, Solborg 4+4+1 :
Solborgs 4+4+1 nonet moves like a proud ship with all sails up into the wind, carrying a dear treasure delivered with great trust and loving care. It is set ashore on the pier of
this years most exquisite Danish jazz
by Bjarne Soltoft, Jazznytt, Norge

. ..stunningly built up from a palette of tonal colors. Solborg’s CD impresses.
by Ken Waxman, New York City Jazz Record

freejazzblog.org * * * *
This is one hell of a record, and - for me - yet another direction taken by Mark Solborg. Solborg seems to be able to take elements of music and mould his writing and the choice of players to get the best out of them. On previous recordings such as '4+4+1' and 'Hopscotch' the music has been more 'conceived', whereas this project obviously relies on team work. In fact what stands out on this recording is the empathy between the players and the natural group sound, everyone places themselves at the service of the music. One example that stands out is Peter Bruun's drums. He probably never really hits the drums in a way one would expect to hear from this instrument. He uses his kit in such a subtle way that you only realise that the drums are not 'in your face' quite late in the recording. He plays percussion as well on this recording which may account for the subtlety of the silent sound approach. It makes me think of some of the Supersilent and early Food records where Deathprod (Helge Sten) took out instruments giving the music space, which often has more impact.

Describing the individual tracks on this record isn't really very helpful as in reality the album works best as one whole piece/listen. Once you've pressed the play button you'll find yourself in a dark world of sounds which keep you fixed to your sofa. I imagine you could pick out 'a' track to listen to, but the atmosphere of the combined tracks seems more natural for a listening experience. There are moments where the sax of Evan Parker or Herb Robertson's trumpet come right to the fore such as the opening track. The two horns play a mournful duet which suddenly stops to let Mark Solborg's guitar step forward playing a solo as if accompanying a silent partner. The music steps off from this point never looking back. I could name a few moments where each instrument takes it's place as the principal voice, but probably the fact that the others decided 'not' to play is of equal importance. I should add that there are several tracks where the horn players play kalimbas or other percussion instruments which adds some very nice textures to the music and of course adds even more space.

The majority of the music is restrained, not unlike the cover photo, and comes across a little like sunlight trying to break through a dense forest. Picking an extract from this record is extremely difficult, after all where to break into the flow of things? Finally I just went for a short piece called 'Dogwood'. The group goes into full flight for just a few minutes before plunging back into the silent filled gaps of the record.
Reviewed by Joe

Mark Solborg: Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Mats Eilertsen: Double Bass
Peter Bruun: Drums, Percussion & Kalimba
Herb Robertson: Trumpets, Voice, Kalimba & Pump Organ
Evan Parker: Tenor & Soprano Saxophone, Kalimba & Gong

1. The Whip 5:50
2. Hophornbeam 5:09
3. Dogwood 2:33
4. Skyrakker No. 1 3:32
5. Oak and The Alder 6:38
6. Skyrakker No. 2 2:04
7. Chestnut and the Woods 7:29
8. Apples, Apples 4:23
9. Dark Boat 4:50
10. Closure 5:18

total time - 47:54
wydano: February 7th, 2013
more info: www.ilkmusic.com
more info2: www.solborg.dk

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