The John Adams Album

  • Kod: 4834938
  • Producent: Decca Classics
  • Kod producenta: 0028948349388
  • Wykonawca: Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal / Kent Nagano
  • Nośnik: CD
  • Kompozytor: John Adams [b.1947]
  • Cena: 54,99 zł
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Współczesna Muzyka Klasyczna / Kameralistyka
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Editor's info:
The John Adams Album contains his key orchestral works conducted by one of his greatest, lifelong champions.

“Like all great pieces, each time one returns to them and restudies them, I’m able to find something more — new dimensions that I haven’t seen before, other reflections of innovation and genius.”

Kent Nagano on John Adams

Continuing the award-winning series of orchestral and operatic recordingsfrom OSM and Nagano on Decca.

wydano: 2019-09-13
more info: www.deccaclassics.com

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