The Glenn Miller Sessions [3CD]

  • Kod: CF460CD
  • Producent: Clean Feed (POR)
  • Wykonawca: The Heat Death (Kjetil Moster, Martin Kuchen, Mats Aleklint, Ola Hoyer, Dag Erik Knedal Andersen)
  • Nośnik: 3CD
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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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opakowanie: kartonowe etui

Editor's info:
With members of The Core, Angles 9, Cortex, &c. The Heat Death is a Norwegian quintet with dual reeds and winds from Kjetil Moster & Martin Kuchen, Mats Aleklint on trombone, Olay Hoyer on bass, and Dag Erik Knedal Andersen on drums, a blazing band of energetic, informed and joyful free improv in a long-anticipated releases presenting 3 CDs of extended play.

We didn’t see (or, more exactly, heard) this coming. How could we expect a band like The Heat Death to turn their attention to the music of Glenn Miller? But here it is, once again confirming the notion that everything is possible when coming from the Scandinavian scene. Truth is that this quintet always had an orchestral approach, in the organization of the collective inputs and due to the doubling of instruments, Kjetil Moster playing clarinet besides his tenor saxophone and Martin Küchen turning to the flute when not playing the alto sax, summing up with the presence of a pasting trombone (Mats Aleklint) to unite every part, but what they use to do was miles way from the swing big band Miller’s sound: a free improvised music metamorphing to free jazz, sometimes with African rhythms, reminding us of Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath, and sometimes with the repetitive, “motorik” balance of krautrock, not so strange when we think that Can’s drummer, Jaki Liebezeit, was an original member of Alexander von Schllipenbach’s Globe Unity Orchestra. But here it is, introducing a new form to understand the problem with thermodynamic energy known by science as “the heat death”. If there was a compositional factor in the way this group used to improvise, finding structures when there wasn’t one, now they deal with it in a more committed way. Of course, the resulting music has few resemblances to what the Glenn Miller Orchestra continue to do until this day, but the spirit is there, exploring aspects which were implicit, but never fulfilled, with all the respect to the historic figure who conceived it. Prepare yourself to be surprised.

Kjetil Moster: tenor saxophone, clarinet
Martin Kuchen: alto saxophone, flute
Mats Aleklint: trombone
Ola Hoyer: double bass
Dag Erik Knedal Andersen: drums

1. Myriads of Space 1 29:05
2. Myriads of Space 2 23:46
3. See Don't Tell 15:13

1. Myriads of Space 3 20:54
2. Hear Don't Say 11:16
3. Unservable Jazz Soup 30:52

1. Towards the Uncool 31:31
2. A Clandestine Jazz Operation 18:47
3. Myriads of Space 4 15:09

wydano: 2018-01-20
nagrano: Recorded by Mats Äleklint
Mixed and mastered by Christian Obermayer Produced by The Heat Death
Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul
Design by Travassos

more info: www.cleanfeed-records.com
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