The 1956 Nixa-Westminster Stereo Recordings, volume 2 [3CD]

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  • Producent: First Hand Records
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  • Wykonawca: London Symphony Orchestra / Sir Adrian Boult
  • Nośnik: 3CD
  • Kompozytor: Robert SCHUMANN (1810-1856), Hector BERLIOZ (1803-1869)
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Klasyczna Muzyka Symfoniczna
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kontynent: Europa
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Kolekcjonerskie wydanie wszystkich symfonii Schumanna i Uwertur Berlioza w wykonaniu London Philharmonic Orchestra pod batutą legendarnego Sir Adriana Boulta. Nagrania pochodzące z oryginalnych taśm analogowych przechowywanych w archiwach EMI i Universal, trafiły do Abbey Road Studios, by przejść tam żmudny proces remasteringu. Efekt jest po prostu wspaniały.

Sir Adrian Boult jest jednym z najwybitniejszych dyrygentów w historii, zdobywał doświadczenie dyrygując w Royal Opera House oraz współpracując z Sergiuszem Diagilewem i jego zespołem baletowym. W 1924 r. został dyrygentem City of Birmingham Orchestra, a sześć lat później mianowano go dyrektorem muzycznym BBC, dzięki czemu Boult założył BBC Symphony Orchestra, której był głównym dyrygentem. Prezentował w tych latach dzieła Bartóka, Strawińskiego, kompozytorów Drugiej Szkoły Wiedeńskiej (w tym operę Berga p.t. “Wozzeck”). Zmuszony do odejścia z BBC po osiągnięciu wieku emerytalnego Sir Boult został głównym dyrygentem LPO, z którą współpracował do 1957 r. Jako dyrygent zasłynął także ze swoich interpretacji muzyki kompozytorów brytyjskich, której był niestrudzonym propagatorem. Wykonywał m.in. Blissa, Brittena, Deliusa, Tippetta, Waltona, czy Holsta, którego słynne “Planety” prawykonał. Prezentował także dzieła Elgara i Vaughana Williamsa.

Jego interpretacje Schumanna i Berlioza nie ograniczają się do romantycznej intensywności, Boult inkorporował do swojego warsztatu sporo z dokonań późniejszej niż romantyczna epoki, jego odczytania zawsze były nieprzewidywalne, co różniło go chociażby od Sir Colina Davisa i Charlesa Muncha. Przez co unikalny styl dyrygentury Boulta jest bardziej rozpoznawalny.

Wydawnictwo zebrało wiele wyróżnień i nagród na całym świecie.
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Editor's info:
This significant historical release follows on from the successful Vol. 1 in this series. All the Schumann Symphonies and the complete Berlioz Overtures, some receiving their CD debuts, are presented here in a fabulously packaged 3CD digipack set. These 1956 Nixa-Westminster recordings have been faithfully remastered at Abbey Road Studios from original analogue tapes held in the EMI and Universal archives. The sound quality is quite astonishing, especially considering they were made over fifty years ago. Sir Adrian Boult is featured, conducting the London Philharmonic Orchestra in recordings he would never return to again in the studio. Boult's swinging yet atmospheric performances of the Berlioz Overtures complement the rigorous and personal accounts of the Schumann Symphonies. This issue also contains notes written by Sir Adrian Boult originally reproduced on the sleeves of the Schumann LP releases.

***** (Musica 245, Italy)

"Vibrantly played, modern in tone, authentic in spirit. Boult steers the fastest first movement of all in a manner possibly closer to Schumann's intention than any other" ("The Historical choice for Schumann Symphony No. 3, The Gramophone Collection)

“The high production values that distinguished Volume 1 of First Hand Records’ reissue of Sir Adrian Boult’s “1956 Nixa-Westminster Stereo Recordings” with the London Philharmonic are again in evidence for Vol 2…three CDs and a booklet neatly packed into a sturdy gatefold envelope – is both space-saving and user-friendly. In other words, it’s a model product of its kind…. So a very welcome addition to the Boult discography, and added proof that this most straight-backed of maestros was quite capable of making sparks fly." (Gramophone Magazine)

“Three cheers for this hugely welcome follow up to First Hand Records' invaluable restoration of Boult's August 1956 Elgar, Walton and Britten recordings for Nixa-Westminster. I'm delighted to be able to report that the Schumann symphonies in particular have never leapt out of my loudspeakers in quite such irrepressibly vivid fashion as they do here…Let me conclude by saying that the presentation is first-class… In the meantime, this is a gem of a set and absolutely not to be missed.” (Classical Source)

“What a great pleasure to welcome all of these performances in state-of-the-art transfers from master tapes…I was very impressed by how well these vintage tapes held together…If you still have any doubts about the resounding success of First Hand’s transfers, all you have to do is pull down the old LPs from your shelf, put the Berlioz in your CD player and follow Westminster’s traditional advice: Listen – and Compare.” (American Record Guide)

“New recordings, mostly unedited, are rendered here in breathtaking stereo… A revelation! The quality of these Schumanns reminds us that Boult studied at the Leipzig Conservatory, worked with Arthur Nikisch, and that he, out of all the British conductors, is the one who is most successful with the German repertoire… This excellent re-mastering restores the sound quality of the tapes created for Nixa-Westminster. We should also praise the Berlioz Overtures recorded on the same date; at once vigorous and nervous, the rhythmic ductility and Boult’s controlled phrasing create miracles.” (Diapson)

“…I have seldom enjoyed any of these overtures as much as I enjoyed Boult’s well-paced, sober readings. When he turns the brass section loose, it’s all the more effective ... and it’s a good brass section, too. Bravo, or should I say “bravi!... To sum it up: splendid, straightforward Berlioz overtures (he doesn’t treat them as superficial showpieces) and a fascinating, if erratic, set of the Schumann symphonies. First Hand’s transfers seem like honest (i.e., minimal tweaking) enhancements of the originals with just a very faint undercurrent of the original tape hiss – I expect that you’ll hardly notice it. As in the earlier Boult set, there are extremely detailed, extensive annotations that are appropriate for such a project as this.” (Fanfare Magazine)

“…First hand have done a very good job in converting this degraded source material into acceptable early stereo quality…” (Classic Review Quarterly)

“Last year First Hand Records (FHR) issued a marvellous set of Boult's stereo recordings of British music made for Westminster in August 1956… Boult takes schumann by the scruff of the neck and conducts a most exciting cycle of the symphonies: quick, bracing and energetically driven… The whole cycle is immensely refreshing… As with the first volume, FHR has done an extraordinarily good job with the remastering of these early stereo recordings… Presentation is all it should be, with excellent documentation by Colin Anderson as well as Boult himself, and some fascinating session photos.”
(International Record Review)

(performance ***** Sound quality ****
Opus Magazine, Sweden)

“The recordings on this set are - except as noted - vivid indeed with soloistic pages reaching out strongly to the listener… The fourfold card case neatly houses the booklet and 3 discs. A nice touch is the reproduction of the LP sleeves of the 1950s issues - 4 Schumann and 2 Berlioz…” (Musicweb-International)37]

London Symphony Orchestra
Sir Adrian Boult:conductor

Robert SCHUMANN (1810-1856)
1-4. Robert SCHUMANN: Symphony No. 1 in B flat major, 'Spring', Op. 38 [30:55]
5-8. Robert SCHUMANN: Symphony No. 4 in D minor, Op. 120 [28:42]

1-4. Robert SCHUMANN: Symphony No. 2 in C major, Op. 61 [30:33]
5-9 Robert SCHUMANN: Symphony No. 3 in E flat major, 'Rhenish', Op. 97 [29:21]
10. Hector BERLIOZ: Waverley - Overture, Op. 1

1. Hector BERLIOZ: Le Corsaire - Overture, Op. 21 [8:37]
2. Hector BERLIOZ: Le Roi Lear - Overture, Op. 4 [15:48]
3. Hector BERLIOZ: Beatrice et Benedict, Act I : Overture [7:38]
4. Hector BERLIOZ: Rob Roy - Overture [12:05]
5. Hector BERLIOZ: Benvenuto Cellini, Act I : Overture [10:46]
6. Hector BERLIOZ: Les Francs-juges : Overture, Op. 3 [13:19]
7. Hector BERLIOZ: Le Carnaval romain - Overture, Op. 9 [8:
total time - 03:49:09
wydano: 2010-09-28
nagrano: Recording dates: 21-24 & 28-29 August 1956
Recording venue: Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London

more info: www.firsthandrecords.com

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