Amanha I Morron Tomorrow

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Wokalistyka jazzowa
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Bio Steen Rasmussen

With the well-received debut from Steen: "Primeiro Amor", his quartet had the format to entertain listeners in their own livingroom, or in a live environment. Now, back with Josefine Cronholm as vocalist, Steen, Lis, Jonas, Fredrik and Jacob are repeating the success again with their new album: "Amanha I Morron Tomorrow".

"Excellent Brazillian tones from Danish pianist". That was the headline in Boris Rabinowitsch's 5-star rating review of "Primeiro Amor" in the leading danish newspaper Politiken. In the following period of time, Steen Rasmussen's starglowing group toured Denmark with their top-class Brazilian Jazz music. Among other fine venues and festivals, "Arhus Internationale Jazzfestival" and "Copenhagen Jazz Festival" is a couple of highlights of the tour.

In this next album from Steen, he has been collaborating with Josefine Cronholm as the vocalist. With her fenomenal art of vocals, her spectacular vocaltechnique, and the rest of the band's unique musicality, Brazillian evergreens such as: "Manha de Carnaval", "Triste", "Mas Que Nada" and "Estate", have been waken back up to life in new and creative versions. Furthermore, Steen is contributing to the experience with his own compositions.

With the combination of Steen and Josefine, and some of the most responsive, talented and supportive musicians around these corners of the world, we dare to promise the listeners an experience of sublime vocals, swinging latin, Bossa Nova's soft as velvet, and jazzy Brazil.

Steen has experience from all sides of the scene as a professional musician, popular for his work with some of the finest artists, both internationally and nationally, and are putting all of this experience to life for the 2nd time with "Amanha, I morron, Tomorrow".


Swedish singer awakes the jungle
The swedish singer Josefifne Cronholm has many danish collaborators.
4 out of 6 hearts

When the pianist Steen Rasmussen after many years as member of Silvana Maltas ensemble a couple of years ago suddenly announced himself as band leader with the endearing cd "Primeiro Amor", the celebration was virtually the same; among other words, our predecessor in the office, Boris Robinowitsch, wrote that Primeiro Amor was an "excellent publishment, letting us enjoy him (Steen Rasmussen, red) in a scope and a level, at least I haven't heard before".

Because of this, it was with tension, the followup was placed in the cd-player.
And it didn't become less rousing by the fact that Rasmussen this time has comissioned the swedish vocalist Josefine Cronholm to perform the singing - and brought the Brazilian drummers Robertinho Silva and Afonso Correa to assist on a couple of tracks on the album.

Rawswingy Rainforestjazz
Luckily, this reviewer was not the least dissapointed. This is a very nice album, filled with rawswingy tones from the Rainforests Brazilian country, whether they are composed there or by Rasmussen himself, who yet again shows himself as a man, that may be born in the cold north, but has a warm, beating southamerican heart in his chest.

To start the album with such a flat-trampled thing as the Sergio Mendez classic "Mas Que Nada", takes quite some courage.

Because even when speaking of such an indisputable Earhanger, it also comes with this feeling of being dated, recalling the times when eating peanuts had become modern, and young editions of our parents sat in their sofas, drinking Irma's "Young Taste" coffee from ceramic mugs.

But after just about two seconds, Rasmussen and Cronholm has blown all of the 60's feel away. And left is a fabulous and modern edition of a piece of musical joy.

Safe Phrases
And a version of Jobims "Triste" won't make you feel the least sense of sadness; the song is essentially a tribute to love, and with Cronholms safe phrases, she drags it on top of the many lounge-interpretations, it has been exposed to during time.

Rasmussen pianoplaying is at the same time sensitive and in possession of the deep, cool swing, it takes to match the elegant, edgy rhythms and delicats of the Bossa, and he is backed up by the other instrumentalists with elegance.

As a composer, he shows his talent in the far from least impressive soft "Carla", that sounds like a declaration of love for a child - And a beautiful such one.

by by Henrik Palle

Jazz thing 85
Der Hang der europäischen Nordlichter zur brasilianischen Musik ist schon bemerkenswert. Jetzt hat sich auch der dänische Pianist Steen Rasmussen als heißblütiger Brasil-Liebhaber geoutet. Zusammen mit der schwedischen Sängerin Josefine Cronholm und einem Jazzquartett spielte er Lieder aus dem brasilianischen Songbook ein, wobei er unter die zwölf Songs auch drei eigene geschmuggelt hat. Dabei ist der muntere Opener „Mas Que Nada“ noch am schwächsten, weil arg vorhersehbar geraten. Später allerdings folgen einige Großtaten: Da wäre die sensible Lesung von Antônio Carlos Jobims Klassiker „Triste", die zurückhaltende Fassung von Luiz Bonfás „Manhâ de Carnaval", die Rasmussen und Cronholm weitgehend im Duett bestreiten, und die ausufernde Version von Edu Lobos „Zanzibar", in der Fredrik Damsgaard erst einmal auf dem Bass das Thema einführt und Cronholm sich danach aufregende Duelle mit der Posaunistin Lis Wessberg liefert. Und da Frau Cronholm in drei Sprachen singt, ergibt auch der dreisprachige Albumtitel Sinn.
by Rolf Thomas

Josefine Cronholm: vocal
Steen Rasmusen: piano, keyboards
Lis Wessberg: trombone
Fredrik Damsgaard: acoustic bass
Jonas Johansen: drums
Jacon Andersen: percussion
Afonso Correa: percussion
Jonas Krag: guitars
Robertinho Silva: drums, percussion

1. Mas Que Nada
2. Triste
3. Amanha - I Morron - Tomorrow
4. I Morron
5. Na Baixa Do Sapateiro
6. Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar / Useless Landscape
7. Chovendo Na Roseira
8. Manha De Carnaval
9. Zanzibar
10. Carla
11. Pedaleando - Enamorado En Mi Bici
12. Amazonas

wydano: 2010
more info: www.calibrated.org
more info2: www.myspace.com/steenrasmussen

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