Prophecies Come to Pass [Vinyl 1LP, limited edition 300]

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  • Производитель: 577 Records (USA)
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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: kartonowe etui

Formacja o bardzo długiej nazwie, którą wszelako należy koniecznie zapamiętać, bo jej jednopłytowy dorobek zwieńczyć może jedynie epitet recenzenta w pozycji na kolanach.
Od dekady jest już z nami krążek kwintetu, który przyjął nazwę Sabir Mateen’s Shapes, Texture and Sound Ensemble. Dysk nazywa się "Prophecies Come To Pass" (577 Records, 2006).
Liderowi towarzyszą – Steve Swell (puzon), Mat Lavelle (trąbka, kornet, flugelhorn), Mathew Heyner (kontrabas) i Michael Thomas (perkusja). Ekstatyczna, gęsta i ekspresyjna muzyka autorska Mateena, wyniesiona drogą konstruktywnej improwizacji, na kosmiczny szczyt. Jeśli dawno jej nie słuchaliście, zróbcie to koniecznie. Jeśli jej nie znacie, … wiecie z pewnością, co natychmiast winniście uczynić!
autor: Andrzej Nowak

Editor's info:
Sabir Mateen: Prophecies Come to Pass Prophecies Come to Pass is the debut recording of Sabir Mateen's compositions by his group The Shapes, Textures, and Sound Ensemble. Recorded live in Brooklyn in September 2005, the CD was edited by Mateen and Swell and mastered under Mateen's direction. It's dedicated to the late great Raphe Malik, who at one time played with the group.

The ensemble is composed of an impressive roster of creative musicians: Mateen on saxophones, flute, and clarinets; Matt Lavelle on trumpet, flugelhorn and cornet; Steve Swell on trombone; Matthew Heyner on bass; and Michael T.A. Thompson on drums and percussion. With musicians this strong, you simply can't go wrong: they have decades of experience under their belts, and they're guided by the venerable Mateen, one of the modern masters of creative music.

The highlights include "Sekasso Blues," a wonderful mix of classic blues imbued with the group's completely modern sensibility. The front line of Mateen, Lavelle and Swell is red-hot here, and the song is a delight of old and new structures playing together freely. "The Beauty Within" is a treat for the ears: Mateen plays strong and lovely flute, and there's a great duet between Heyner and Thompson. "Prophecies Come to Pass," an eighteen-minute epic poem, allows all the musicians to shine as they explore the point of breakdown/breakthrough. The horns are majestic and powerful, often reaching spine-tingling heights, and there are more Heyner and Thompson duets.

What makes this music so compelling is that the musicians are not afraid to explore primal depths of sound and energy. Their commitment and passion is inspiring—no one in this group is living a life of quiet desperation. The music points to life lived fully, with all its questions, struggles and heights.

Sabir Mateen: tenor and alto saxophones, flute, Bb and alto clarinets
Steve Swell: trombone
Matt Lavelle: trumpet, pocket trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet
Matthew Heyner: bass
Michael T.A. Thompson: drums and percussion

A1. Sekasso Blues 8:02
A2. Everyone’s Got Something To Say 13:54
B1. Prophecies Come To Pass 18:27

wydano: Jan 2018
nagrano: Recorded at Zebulon, Brooklyn, New York

more info: www.577records.com
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