Sylvestro Ganassi: Madrigaux, Motets, Ricercars, Toccatas et Fantaisies composes entre 1520 & 1550

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The influence of the Book of the Courtier pushed the aristocracy of Europe to play musical instruments. One should know how to play, to improvise with above all easiness for his friends or his court.

Sylvestro Ganassi, probrably trombonist in Venise, answers perfectly this social need with three treatises related to the art of improvisation and diminutions : Fontegara (1535), Regola Rubertina (1542), la Lettione seconda (1543).

Pierre Boragno studied them. There are full of indications helping the improvisation process, the diminution of all popular tunes... Together with Marianne Muller, Massimo Moscardo and François Saint Yves, they applied these propositions of diminutions, appropriate them to put forward this fascinating programm which gives the intimate and virtuose atmosphere of XVIth european courts.

Pierre Boragno: flutes
Marianne Müller: violes
Massimo Moscardo: luth
Francois Saint-Yves: orgue & clavecin

wydano: 2008
more info: www.zigzag-territoires.com

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