Captain Europe

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  • Производитель: Music For Dreams (DK)
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chill out/downtempo/avant-pop
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Założony w 2001 roku label Music for Dreams od swojego debiutu (BLISS 'Afterlife') niezmiennie pozostaje jedną z czołowych wytwórni spod znaku chill out/lounge na świecie. Systematycznie poszczególne utwory z płyt wydawanych przez Music for Dreams trafiają na kompilacje BUDDHA BAR, Mezzanine De L'alcazar, HOTEL COSTES, Saint Germain Des Pres Cafe czy CAFE DEL MAR stając się ich prawdziwą ozdobą. Wielką gwiazdą jest porównywany do klasyków trip-hopu Portishead i Massive Attack zespół BLISS, 6 marca 2006 roku ukazała się specjalna dwupłytowa edycja wyjątkowego albumu 'Quiet Letters" z remixami Herberta, Bonobo, Fuga czy Christophera Goze'a.

Założycielem wytwórni jest duński dj - Kenneth Bager, którego nazwisko można znależć na ponad 500 różnych chill-outowych kompilacjach na całym świecie. Kolejne płyty w katalogu Music for Dreams są wciągającą podróżą w poszukiwaniu emocji oraz pasjii, które Bager dosłownie wyczarowuje, harmonizują one z jego osobowością i gustem artystycznym. Muzyka na nich zawarta jest pełna relaksu i odprężenia, warto słuchać jej wieczorami, odpocząć po całym dniu, wypijając filiżankę aromatycznej herbaty.
Editor's Info:
Captain Europe is the second album from Hess Is More - founded and directed by the danish artist Mikkel Hess.

2005 was the year when the Hess Is More live band really took of, presenting the music from the album 'Tip Top Dynamo' in a line of festival performances that blew away audiences as well as critics in and outside DK.
Futher more in 2005 the discerning DJ's around the globe has playlisted the single "Walk song" into a underground cult hit.
Now Hess presents the follow up as a european captain, ready to conquer new territory.

Both the music and the title of this album, sends greetings to the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, where Hess Is More recently created and performed a live soundtrack for the play 'The Europeans'.

The title of the opening track 'Aben og lukket som en Jorgen' could be translated into: Open and closed like a Jorgen. This rather mysterious phrase, contains the philosophy behind the album. Be open towards new impressions and ideas - yet, at the same time, make sure to protect your source. Just like a Jorgen - in this case, a surreal creative mentor...
On the new album the unique playful melancholy of Hess Is More is maintained, yet also clearly developed towards a more funky and keyboardbased sound.

On 'Yes Boss' the scene is set in a recording studio, and as the dialogue between the producer Hess and the irresistible female vocalist Bang Chau developes, the heat rises...
'Farfisa Rumba' has grown directly from the sound of the Hess Is More live band, suggeststing a fresh, surprising and very groovy club sound, and promises are made:
'I won't necessarily massage your feet, but I'll give you what you don't even know that you need'
'The magic invention from t.d.p.r.c.' features Hess as a hypnotic leadvocalist on a bouncy and funky beat, and as a special bonus, there's a most spectacular videotrack available for this song on the cd. The video was directed by the NYC based Frederik Jacobi, who apart from this + the earlier Hess Is More video for 'Walksong', also recently shot a Wyclef Jean video in Haiti.
The title track 'Captain Europe' features the brother of Mikkel, Nikolaj Hess on the pumporgan, and in few croatian words it describes the working hours of a modern composer.
'Love me do' presents the yemenean / israelian singer Michal Cohen in a vocal duet with Hess, questioning the statement: 'Sorry honey, I'm to spiritually advanced for you'.

All in all Captain Europe shows us, that Hess is clearly turning more and more Hess...

1. aben og lukket som en jorgen
2. yes boss
3. farfisa rumba
4. grafolog
5. piano waltz
6. the magic invention from t.d.p.r.c.
7. captain europe
8. unity of mind
9. love me do
10. blondie

video tracks:

1. the magic invention from t.d.p.r.c.
2. superflyguy

wydano: 2006-03-27
more info: www.musicfordreams.dk
more info2: www.hessismore.com

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