We Work Hard

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  • Производитель: BeatService Records (NO)
  • Код производителя: 7035538884498
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Editor's Info:
Elektrofant is two electro-madmen from Stavanger on the south-west coast of Norway. They are obsessed by old analogue equipment, mixed with a touch of humour and a rock attitude. Their debut EP Flipstick was a huge hit in Norway, followed by high energy live-shows (a.o. at the Numusic and Insomnia festivals). The Numusic concert was voted "best live experience 2003" in Stavanger!

Their debut album is finally ready! The high energy electro-punk attitude from the first EP is still there, but mixed with a more pop-oriented feel, even some r'n'b hints! Main Elektrofant Klaus Skrudland also debuts as a singer on a few tracks on the album!

The main focus is still high energy, potent electro with rock attitude, and with a big crossover potential. They have managed to mix underground credibility with commercial appeal, making "Wřrk" one of the most important electronic releases (from Norway anyways) this year!!!

1. Slam Home
2. We Work Hard
3. Gospel Control
4. Old People Are Young Too
5. Talking Is Easy When I Talk With You
6. Walter Benjamin's Aesthetics
7. I Gotta Be Me
8. The Green Room
9. Whatever You Do, It's Alright
10. Outro

wydano: 2004
more info: www.beatservice.no
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