Edmund Rubbra

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The music of British composer Edmund Rubbra (1901-1986) has an unmistakable style. His sense of tonality, his frequent use of counterpoint, and his clever melodies set his works apart from those of his contemporaries. While he is most remembered for his orchestral compositions, Rubbra also wrote choral music consistently throughout his career. For this release, The Sixteen explores some of Rubbra’s lesser-known choral works such as his Tenebrae Nocturns and his Missa Cantuariensis. “…exceptional works by Edmund Rubbra… The performances are beautiful and brilliant.” (New York Times)

Edmund Rubbra: Nine Tenebrae Motets, Op. 72 First Nocturne
I. In monte Oliveti
II. Tristis est anima mea
III. Ecce vidimus eum

Edmund Rubbra: Three Motets, Op. 76
I. Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
II. There is a Spirit
III. Except the Lord Build the House

Edmund Rubbra: Nine Tenebrae Motets, Op. 72 Second Nocturne
I. Amicus meus
II. Judas mercator pessimus
III. Unus ex discipulis

Edmund Rubbra: Five Motets, Op. 37
I. Eternitie
II. Vain Wits and Eyes
III. A Hymn to God the Father
IV. The Search
V. A Song

Edmund Rubbra: Nine Tenebrae Motets, Op. 72 Third Nocturne
I. Eram quasi agnus innocens
II. Una hora non potuistis
III. Seniores populi

Edmund Rubbra: Missa Cantuariensis, Op. 59
I. Kyrie
II. Responses
III. Credo
IV. Sanctus
V. Benedictus
VI. Agnus Dei
VII. Gloria in excelsis

wydano: 16 September 2016

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