Places In Between

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  • Wykonawca: Michel Reis / Marc Demuth / Paul Wiltgen
  • Nośnik: CD
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Modern Jazz / Pianistyka Jazzowa
premiera polska:
Wydawnicto Audiofilskie

kontynent: Europa
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Mieszkający pomiędzy Nowym Jorkiem a Luxemburgiem, pianista Michel Reis to gruntownie wykształcony muzyk. Podczas studiów w Berklee College of Music i New England Conservatory of Music, gdzie studiował pianistykę jazzową i kompozycję, miał okazję współpracować, także na scenie z Joe Lovano, Danilo Perezem, Dave'em Hollandem, George'm Garzone czy Ranem Blake'iem. Ma na swoim koncie pięć albumów, jako lider i co-leader:
"A Young Mind" (2005), "Fairytale" (2009) dla Waltzing-Parke Records, "Point of No Return" (2011) dla Armored Records, "Hidden Meaning" (2012) dla Double Moon Records i “Reis Demuth Wiltgen” dla francuskiej Laborie Jazz (2013).

Trio Michel Reis / Marc Demuth / Paul Wiltgen, powołane do życia w 1998 roku zbiera znakomite recenzje:
“This trio is a real discovery.” - Marlbank.net
“Nouveau souffle venu du Luxembourg...” - Jazz News Magazine
“... un disque a l'équilibre parfait, entre écriture européenne et puissance rythmique US ...” - TSF Jazz
“Le trio a créé la sensation ... au Festival Saveurs Jazz!” - Tribune2lartiste.com
“The Reis Demuth Wiltgen Trio swept the audience along with its vigorous music.” - OttawaJazzScene.ca
“Musique énergisante, le trio a simplement conquis le public par son entrain sur scene et la fraicheur de son jazz.
... Ce trio est éblouissant sur scene et donne l'envie de le suivre tant il vous captive.” - Tribune2lartiste.com

Ich najnowsza, druga już płyta "Places In Between" przynosi nieortodoksyjny, melodyjny jazz, z odpowiednią dozą wirtuozerii, acz nie podaną w sposób efekciarski. Pianista operuje perlistymi pasażami, od czasu do czasu serwuje szybkie biegniki, grająca po amerykańsku sekcja rytmiczna świetnie podkreśla pomysły lidera, a bywają chwile, że sama przejmuje główną rolę.

Dodatkowym atutem jest znakomity dźwięk nagrania, ta nieco melancholijna, pulsująca jednak podskórnym rytmem została tutaj zarejestrowana ze znakomitą przestrzenią, podkreślaną przez nasycone, pełne barwy.

“Reis is a tremendous pianist with classical chops, and maybe even a better composer, possessing a clear, expansive vision. Point of No Return shows off both sides of this exciting artist.” - Frank Alkyer - Downbeat Magazine

“Reis is a musical storyteller” - Dan McCleneghan, All About Jazz

“Michel Reis is a very exceptional pianist and composer” - Joe Lovano

“Michel Reis is a musician of outstanding talent, discipline and seriousness.” - Danilo Perez

“Michel Reis has an unique jazz piano sound, and his place in the realm of jazz pianists is assured.” - Lee Prosser - Jazzreviev

Liner Notes:
Places In Between captures the essence of our trio and of the music on this album. We are three Luxembourg artists who are based in different locations. Most of the time we are connecting either online or on tour when we are away from our respective homes. The title is reflective of the times when we are traveling together with all the experiences we amass - the fun and bizarre, magical and surreal - moments that cement our friendship and expand our creativity. The songs in ‘Places in between’ also present musically, those moments in a person’s life - whether they occur during travels or during a major transition - that are pauses from the routines of daily life; it is often during these unexpected moments that mystery takes hold and magic unfolds.
by Reis Demuth Wiltgen

Editor's info:
Are you also searching for challenges, finally a change that lets your ears fatigued by permanent uniformity take notice of jazz once again? But not with a piano trio! Why not? Maybe it's just the stimulus you need to break with an all too familiar routine. Pianist Michel Reis, bassist Marc Demuth and drummer Paul Wiltgen furnish resounding proof that something new can be created from something old at any time. The trio from Luxembourg wants to make it possible for their listeners to experience and celebrate the effect of music and do not want to abuse it for the purpose of self-promotion in any way. Each one slips into the respective topic, grows together with it and becomes a part of it. They are the fertilizers for their own works that let them grow and flourish through careful dosing of their outstanding instrumental skills. In this way, magically beautiful melodies are created from seemingly banal note sequences that go without detours into your ears and stay there for a long time. No cheesy, slushy songs mind you, but instead refined constructs full of emotionality, empathy, virtuosity, depth and hymnic radiance. Indeed, piano trios can achieve such things today. They can tell stories that captivate and touch without words. They can attract attention and yet completely do without effects, tricks and muscle-flexing. Simply nullify definition and style boundaries and still give a reflection of what jazz should be 2016 and maybe once was in the hands of the Esbjörn Svensson Trio: a musical adventure free of prejudice and stereotypes, which bears the individual trademark of the respective protagonists.

Michel Reis: piano
Marc Demuth: bass
Paul Wiltgen: drums

1. Small Talk 04:49
2. Cross Country 07:58
3. Bleecker Street 05:13
4. Where The Heart Beats 03:59
5. Kamome 05:43
6. Bored and Briliant 04:29
7. Joule's Last Glimpse 05:43
8. The Story of You and Me 05:35
9. Shai 04:50
10. Surreal Kinda Deal 05:27
11. Kilonova 04:01
12. Me Dire 05:43

total time - 01:03:33
wydano: 2016-08-05
more info: www.doublemoon.de
more info2: www.michelreis.com

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