New Life

  • Kod: CAMJ78562
  • Producent: CAM Jazz (I)
  • Wykonawca: Antonio Sanchez
  • Nośnik: CD
  • Instrument lidera: drums
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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
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Editor's info:
Being considered one of the greatest sidemen around today can sometimes be a heavy burden to bear. There are very few musicians who with determination, intelligence and willpower can become successful leaders. Antonio Sanchez, supported by the visionary nature of CAM JAZZ, succeeded in this difficult mission. "New Life" conclusively establishes Sanchez as a complete artist; a musician unlike any other behind cymbals and drums, he is a brilliant composer and organizer of sounds. In his music, in a more or less evident manner, references appear and disappear to some of the musicians who have influenced his artistic career—among them Pat Metheny, in whose group Sanchez has played a big part. But there is much more: there's an attention to detail, a love for the immeasurable sense of melody and a unique ability to not put your instrument in the first row, but think of it as one of the voices at the service of the whole. Since 2007, when Sanchez signed for the first time as leader on CAM JAZZ, a long time has passed for another album under his own name, and "New Life" - a title more than a declaration of intent - is the colored photograph of a journey that will take him far away.

Liner notes by Pat Metheny

Antonio Sanchez (Drums)
David Binney (Alto Sax)
Donny McCaslin (Tenor Sax)
John Escreet (Piano And Fender Rhodes)
Matt Brewer (Acoustic And Electric Bass)
Thana Alexa (Vocals)

1. Uprisings And Revolutions 8:48
2. Minotauro 8:48
3. New Life 14:19
4. Nighttime Story 6:35
5. Medusa 8:21
6. The Real McDaddy 8:47
7. Air 7:36
8. Family Ties 8:45

total time - 72:31
wydano: Feb 26, 2013
nagrano: Recorded in New York in January 2012 at MSR Studios Recording & mixing engineer Pete Karam

more info: www.CamJazz.com

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