Morfina [Vinyl 1LP, limited edition 300]

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  • Producent: 577 Records (USA)
  • Wykonawca: Paul Flaherty / Gene Moore / Gene Janas / Federico Ughi
  • Nośnik: Vinyl 1LP
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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: kartonowe etui

Editor's info:
The idea for this recording was first conceived during the 2016 Forward Festival when Gene Moore, a pioneer of noise guitar playing and bassist Gene Janas, a mainstay of the NYC experimental music scene, invited noted avant-garde drummer Federico Ughi for the second part of their set. This spontaneous collaboration inspired the three musicians to plan a recording, and they decided to involve the legendary sax player Paul Flaherty for the occasion.

The resulting recording is Morfina, and while Flaherty, Moore, and Janas have collaborated extensively in the past, it’s the very first time Flaherty and Ughi have ever played together. Janas played with Ughi on a previous 577 Records’ album release (People’s Resonance, also featuring Daniel Carter, 2008).

The album title Morfina, meaning ‘morphine’ in Italian, was suggested by Ughi, as the recording session happened only hours after he left the emergency room, where he was treated for a back injury with a strong dose of the substance. Needless to say, while the music may have been influenced by this, it certainly didn’t suffer.

Paul Flaherty - alto and tenor saxophones
Gene Moore - electric guitar
Gene Janas - bass
Federico Ughi - drums

A1. Morfina 08:29
A2. Unlikely S.O.S. 02:00
A3. Wild Bat Wild 03:38
A4. The Countries 04:38
B1. Only I Only 10:28
B2. Help Me Think 06:09
B3. Beginnings 01:58

more info: www.577records.com
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