Al Temps De Festa En Occitania [DVD Video]

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A DVD of two hours of music from a concert by this agressive and unique Occitanian band, recorded live in in Torino Italy plus 2 short documentaries on the history, poetry, dances, instruments and music of the Occitanian Valleys in Italy. Texts in Italian, English and French introducing the geo-political aspects of the Valley, the band and its discography. DVD is in NTSC format, all region code.

Lou Dalfin who have revolutionised Occitanian folk music lead you on a voyage of discovery into their homeland and its culture. The energy and emotional power of the D'Oc sound explodes in this sensational concert accompanied by series of windows onto various aspects of the tradition: the dances, instruments and festivals of Europe's largest forbidden country. The DVD contains the video recording of the entire concerts held in Turin (Italy) on May 11th, 2004 at the «Hiroshima Mon Amour» theatre. The concert presented for the first time live the new album of the band «L'Oste del Diau» (The Devil's Pub). The DVD shows us the band at its best with all the energy and passion that constitute the trademarks of Lou Dalfin.

The concert repertoire include most of the songs of the last album as well as the classic of the group, songs that made famous the band in Italy and legendary in their own areas.

The DVD is enriched with two documentaries. In the first one, Nostra Terra, Sergio Berardo, leader of Lou Dalfin, lead us to the discovery of the Occitanian Valleys in Italy with their dances, poetry and typical open air summer dances. In the second one, Nostres Instruments, Sergio, together with Dino Tron, in an acoustic set introduces the rich repertoire of songs and instruments of his land. The documentaries are in Occitanian and Italian with English and French subtitles. The DVD is completed with a rich biography and discography of the band and a survey of the geo-political aspects of the Italian part of Occitany.

All the texts are in Italian, English and French.

1. l temps de festa en occitania
2. Seguida de rigodons
3. Seguida dels camisards
4. Sem encar ici
5. Seguida de corentas
6. Seguida dels bandits
7. La reina
8. Las pitabelhas / Temp de nuech
9. La vacha malha / Corenta de la val verenanha
10. Se chanta
11. Seguida de boreias
12. Jan del car / La rampia
13. Conscrits del lengadoc
14. La dancarem pus
15. Lo gibos
16. Scottish del gatto
17. Me pare...
18. L'oste del diau
19. Jan, jan, jan / Polca de nica
20. Nostres instruments
21. Nostra terra

wydano: 2005
more info: www.aditi-image.tv

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