Live at Ljubljana

  • Kod: MPSMT007
  • Producent: Multikulti Project (PL)
  • Kod producenta: 5907529223703
  • Wykonawca: Luís Vicente / Seppe Gebruers / Onno Govaert
  • Nośnik: CD
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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
premiera polska:
seria wydawnicza: Spontaneous Music Tribune Series is dedicated to iberian free improvised music
kontynent: Europa
opakowanie: kartonowe etui

excerpt from the liner notes
(…) Free improvisation, like this trio’s performance at the Sound Disobedience Festival, makes no distinction between silence and sound, rhythm and entropy, and well, performer and witness. The performers’ DNA is encoded by many generations of music makers. Consciously (most probably unconsciously), Luís Vicente draws on jazz from its origins: Satchmo’s slurs, Miles’ murmurs, and Raymond Scott’s toy trumpets. Seppe Gebruers’ piano imagines what Chopin would summon if he were to meet Evan Parker, and Onno Govaert’s pulse takes a New Orleans parade route into the concert hall. Their music is that of equanimity, or the wisdom grounded in freedom, one not dependent on duality. There is no distinction between beauty/ugliness, good/bad, or noise/melody. Everything they play here comes from the subtle body and is infused with a certain bliss.
Mark Corroto (AllAboutJazz.com)

(…) Swobodna improwizacja, podobnie jak występ tego tria w czasie Sound Disobedience Festival nie rozróżnia ciszy od dźwięku, rytmu od entropii, czy właśnie, wykonawcy od świadka doświadczenia. DNA artystów kształtowane jest poprzez wpływ wielu generacji twórców muzyki. Świadomie (choć najprawdopodobniej nieświadomie), Luís Vicente czerpie inspirację z samych korzeni jazzu: „okręgi” Satchmo, pomruki Milesa i zabawne trąbki Raymonda Scotta. Fortepian Seppe Gebruersa tworzy obraz potencjalnego Chopina, który spotkał Evana Parkera, także puls Onno Govaerta, który wiedzie nas prosto do sali koncertowej w Nowym Orleanie. Jest to muzyka równowagi i mądrości, zakorzenionej w wolności, lecz nie opartej na dualizmie. Nie rozróżnia ona piękna i brzydoty, dobra i zła, czy też hałasu i melodii. Każdy zagrany tu dźwięk pochodzi z subtelnego ciała i jest nasycony pewnego rodzaju rozkoszą.
Mark Corroto (AllAboutJazz.com)

freejazzblog.org * * * *:
In an alternating black and red cover, the Polish label Multikulti has been presenting the "Spontaneous Music Tribune Series" for the last two years, publishing music from Portugal and Spain mainly.

On this great album, we have a trio of Portuguese trumpet-player Luís Vicente, Belgian pianist Seppe Gebruers and Dutch drummer Onno Govaert. The fully improvised performance was recorded live at the Sound Disobedience Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia in March 2017. Vicente is well known to the readers of this blog, and we know Govaert from his participation in bands such as Cactus Truck and Spinifex, or his collaborations with Kaja Draksler. The Belgian is less known, yet Gebruers is one of the young up and coming musicians in the country, who already received several awards, including for the best debut album in 2012 from the New York City Jazz Magazine, and a musician worth following.

Vícente and Govaerts performed together in several bands, but I guess this is their first in this trio format, and it really works well. We get three pieces of 21, 7 and 11 minutes, a little less than what you might expect on a CD, but the quality is excellent. Without a real leader, the trio manages to create a wonderfully cohesive sound, very open-textured and light, with quite frequent moments when only two musicians are playing. Despite this inherent weightlessness, the interplay is intense and full of energy, sometimes contained, sometimes released, but performed with ease and with very close attention to what the others are doing. The result is fresh and sparkling, a kind of organic, natural co-creation of sound with a very pristine aesthetic.

What more do you need?
by Stef Gissels

“Live at Ljubljana” was released by “Multikulti Project” on May, 6, 2018. Album was recorded by Luís Vicente (trumpet), Seppe Gebruers (piano) and Onno Govaert (drums). Three famous musicians are active members of contemporary avant-garde jazz scene. Their music is bright, expressive and innovative. Each of them has interesting and original playing manner and unique sound. Luis Vicente is a famous trumpeter of avant-garde jazz. His music based on free improvisation, full of unpredictable, sudden and dynamic changes, schocking contrasts, changes of the moods and expressions. He had created and improved remarkable and unique improvising mannner, which is based on synthesis between avant-garde jazz and various modern and contemporary jazz intonations. Seppe Gebruers is young and talented Belgium jazz pianist. His improvisations are full of expressive and vivacious solos, rigorous and turbulent culminations, shocking and experimental ways of playing, dramatic and passionate melodies and rich musical language. Musicians playing is free, creative and spontaneous. His improvisations have active, rapid and energetic mood for the most of the time and are based on unpredictable and colorful contrasts. Onno Govaert is an avant-garde jazz drummer. He’s the master of fusing together different rhythms, timbres, extended playing techniques and expressions. The improvisations have especially rich and contrasting musical language, are based on dozens of different playing techniques, musical experiments and spontaneous, rigorous and turbulent culminations.

The music of this album has contrasting and modern sound. All compositions are based on free improvisation. The synthesis between experimental and avant-garde jazz, free improvisation are fused together with intonations of modern jazz styles. The musicians are switching between different moods, characters and expressions. Their music is very dynamic, colorful, passionate, energetic and expressive. Luis Vicente trumpet improvisations are based on his own playing manner. He masterfully connects together expressive, vivacious and marvelous arpeggios, wild fast and furious passages, remarkable and spontaneous solos and sound experiments. His musical language is wide and rich – glissando, vibrant and effective blow outs, passionate and touching vibrato, fast arpeggios, expressive and rapid passages, sharp, rigorous and turbulent blow outs, sudden stylistic turns, jumps from the highest to the lowest registres and other similar techniques are combined together with experimental ways of playing. Musician tries out new ways of playing and expands the traditional zone of sound. His music is full of different colors, tones, timbres, expressions and other elements of musical language. The improvisations have loud, vibrant, effective and expressive sound – especially passionate and touching playing style and manner makes an effort to whole sound of the compositions. Seppe Gebruers piano improvisations are based on free improvisations and creative musical experiments. Musician masterfully fuses together different musical expressions and sounds. Vibrant, touching and rigorous solos, remarkable and expressive melodies, passionate and provocative playing manner, original and interesting musical decisions, interesting musical decisions and unusual sounds – all these elements are the basements of his playing. The playing style of Seppe Gebruers is based on virtuosic, rapid and marvelous passages, dynamic rhythmic, spontaneous and free improvisation, sharp and colorful harmony. All these elements have some relations with modern jazz styles – sometimes the sound of his improvisations is similar to bebop, hard-bop or neo-bop improvisations. Especially expressive, emotional and passionate playing manner create bright, vivacious and touching sound of his improvisations. Onno Govaert drums improvisations are full of wide range of rhythms and playing expressions. Drummer masterfully fuses together different ways of playing – turbulent, loud, energetic and furious solos are connected together with dynamic and passionate melodies, quiet, peaceful and monotonic episodes, repetitive rhythms and many other elements. His music has active, interesting and original sound. Masterful, remarkable, creative and passionate improvising by all three musicians create original and effective sound of this album.

Luís Vicente: trumpet
Seppe Gebruers: piano
Onno Govaert: drums

1. Španski Borci I
2. Španski Borci II
3. Španski Borci III

total time - 39:27
wydano: 2018-05-06
nagrano: Recorded on the 23rd march 2017 by Iztok Zupan, live at Španski Borci during Neposlušno / Sound Disobedience Festival

more info: www.multikulti.com

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