Joy of Friendship

  • Kod: MPI024
  • Producent: Multikulti Project (PL)
  • Kod producenta: 5907529223246
  • Wykonawca: Dariusz Herbasz
  • Nośnik: CD
  • Instrument lidera: tenor saxophone
  • Kompozytor: Dariusz Herbasz
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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
premiera polska:
seria wydawnicza: Improvised Music Series
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Polska
opakowanie: kartonowe etui

opis wydawcy:
Kwintet prowadzony przez saksofonistę Dariusza Herbasza z powodzeniem podąża drogą wyznaczoną w 70 latach przez zespoły Pharoah Sandersa czy McCoy Tynera.
Taki oszczędny, pięcioosobowy skład wzmacnia siłę znakomitych kompozycji lidera i umożliwia zaprezentowanie muzykom swoich niezwykłych umiejętności. Dublowanie instrumentarium - dwa tenorowe saksofony - niesie ze sobą ryzyko wzajemnego powielania partii i funkcji obu solistów w ramach zespołu. Na szczęście Darek Herbasz znakomicie wie, co można zrobić w takiej instrumentalnej konfiguracji - pozwala na podkreślanie dysonansów w ramach unison, ale i budowanie harmonii. Obaj instrumentaliści prezentują na dodatek odmienne podejście w partiach solowych - dopełniają się zatem, a nie dublują (sam lider dysponuje miękkim i głębokim tonem). A swoista energetyczna spontaniczność, jaką generują członkowie zespołu jest dowodem wręcz nieprawdopodobnego kunsztu muzycznego, a także podejścia do aktu kreacji; potraktowania go poważnie, jako wyzwania i źródła radości oraz spełnienia.
„Joy of Friendship” to poruszająca muzyka brawurowo mierząca się z realnym światem, ale i trzy czwarte godziny radości wspólnego muzykowania.

Editor's Info:
A quintet led by tenor saxophonist Darek Herbasz, successfully follows the path set by bands of Pharoah Sanders or McCoy Tyner in the 70s.

Band’s line-up reduced to five people enhances the power of fabulous compositions by Herbasz, and enables all musicians to present their extraordinary skills. Doubled set of instruments (two tenor saxophones) poses a risk of duplicating parts and roles of both soloists. Luckily, Darek Herbasz knows very well what can be achieved with such configuration of instruments: he lets dissonances be exposed within the concept of unison, and at the same time lets harmony be created. Both instrumentalists employ different approaches to their solo parts thanks to which they complement and not duplicate each other. Singular energetic spontaneity generated by all band members proves their extraordinary musical craftsmanship and their particular attitude to creation as a serious challenge and source of delight and fulfillment.

Poignant music daringly faces real world on “Joy of friendship”. Three quarters of an hour of enjoyment of common music making are clearly sensed.

Darek Herbasz, tenor saxophonist, a co-founder of a tri-city formations “Orange Trane”, "Just Friends", "Sanktoria". Winner of many prestigeous awards such as: Jazz Juniors 1995 i 1996, Jazz nad Odrą, winner of "Złoty Klucz Do Kariery" at Pomorska Jesien Jazzowa. He played at numerous festivals in Poland and abroad. He cooperated with e.g.: Janusz Muniak, Maciej Sikała, Wojteki Staroniewicz, Przemek Dyakowski, Emil Kowalski, Jacek Olter, Olgierd Walicki, Grzegorz Nagórski, Adam Czerwiński, Janusz Mackiewicz, Jerzy Małek, Marcin Gawdzis, Cezary Konrad, Sławek Jaskułke, Tomasz Sowiński.

Herausgeber's Info
Das von Dariusz Herbasz geleitete Quintett folgt mit Erfolg dem Weg, der in den 70er Jahren durch Formationen von Pharoah Sanders und McCoy Tyner geöffnet wurde.

Die auf fünf Personen begrenzte Besetzung exponiert die Stärke der Kompositionen des Formationsleiters und bringt gleichzeitig die außergewöhnlichen Fähigkeiten der Musiker deutlich zum Ausdruck. Das verdoppelte Instrumentarium – zwei Tenorsaxophone – bringt das Risiko mit sich, dass die Partien und Funktionen beider Solisten aufeinander kommen. Zum Glück weiß Darek Herbasz sehr gut wie man diese instrumentale Konstellation optimal verwendet: er lässt die Dissonanzen im Unisono-Spiel zu, sorgt aber dabei um Harmonie. Beide Instrumentalisten zeigen dabei einen unterschiedlichen Einsatz bei Solopartien, indem sie sich eher ergänzen als verdoppeln (der Lieder hat einen weichen und tiefen Ton). Spontanität voller Energie im Spiel der Formationsmitglieder beweist die instrumentale Kunst und eine sehr ernsthafte Einstellung zum Kreationsakt, der zur Herausforderung, aber auch Freude und Erfüllung wird.

„Joy of Friendship“ ist eine sehr bewegende Musik, die bravurös dem realen Welt entgegenkommt. Dreiviertel Stunde Freude am gemeinsamen Musizieren.

Darek Herbasz ist ein Tenorsaxophonist, Mitbegründer der Formationen „Orange Trane“, „Just Friends“ uns „Sanktoria“. Mehrfach ausgezeichnet bei unterschiedlichen anerkannten Wettbewerben, u.a. zweifache Preisträger beim Jazz Juniors Wettbewerb 1995 und 1996. Herbasz gab Konzerte im Rahmen von unterschiedlichen lokalen und internationalen Festivals. Arbeitete u.a. mit Janusz Muniak, Maciej Sikała, Wojtek Staroniewicz, Przemek Dyakowski, Emil Kowalski, Jacek Otler, Olgierd Walicki, Grzegorz Nagórski, Adam Czerwiński, Janusz Mackiewicz, Jerzy Małek, Marcin Gawdziś, Cezary Konrad, Sławek Jaskułke und Tomasz Sowiński zusammen.

This is the debut album as a leader by Polish Jazz saxophonist Dariusz HerbaszFind albums by this artist and his double tenor saxophone quintet, which also includes saxophonist Tomasz GrzegorskiFind albums by this artist, pianist Piotr ManiaFind albums by this artist, bassist Adam ZuchowskiFind albums by this artist and drummer Tomasz SowinskiFind albums by this artist. The album comprises of six original compositions, all by Herbasz and was recorded at the superb Tokarnia Studio with engineer Jan SmoczynskiFind albums by this artist presiding.

If I would have been subjected to listening to this album in a blindfold test situation, I would be sure this is an unknown recording of mid 1960s Blue NoteFind albums on this label period, as this music has the distinctive feel of modern mainstream, which flourished at the time and was captured for posterity by Rudy Van GelderFind albums by this artist. The warmth and presence of the overall sound and the crisp piano sound are quite remarkable.

But of course there is also the music, which stylistically returns to that wonderful period that summarized the Jazz tradition bringing it to sheer perfection on one hand and opening doors for the free form just wide enough to make it interesting on the other hand. These wonderful compositions are truly grand on every level; there are some beautiful melancholic melodies, several great vamps, and a strange feeling of familiarity even upon the first hearing. I must admit that it´s been a while since I´ve heard a collection of such superbly crated tunes on one album.

Herbasz takes a considerable risk with the double tenor saxophone frontline, since such setting is often prone to clashes and outright contest rather than cooperation, but also opens intriguing opportunities of harmonizing and completing each other. It´s a pleasure to hear how well this situation was handled here, enabling both players to solo as well as play together in a variety of quite distinct musical surroundings and atmospheres. Both saxophonists [lay remarkably well, both when simply stating the lyricism of a melody or venturing into almost free form excursions.

The rhythm section is excellent as well, providing the ideal support for the soloists and framing the musical expressions with just the right amount of direction, allowing space for less constrained experimentation at times. The pianist is an ideal harmonizer and his vamping is a classic form obviously learned from the best. Bass is round, clear and worm and the drums play exactly the amount of time keeping to keep everything tick, with some great topping of inventive drumming. The overall dynamic sensitivity of the entire rhythm section is simply just what the doctor ordered to make the music perfect.

This is a remarkable debut and a brilliant Jazz album, which comprises of everything that makes Jazz such a great music: it´s interesting, artistic, intelligent, well played and above all honest, simply stating the artist´s credo and not trying to be something it isn´t. Well done indeed!
by Adam Baruch

Dariusz Herbasz: tenor saxophone
Tomasz Grzegorski: tenor saxophone
Piotr Mania: piano
Adam Żuchowski: bass
Tomasz Sowiński: drums

1. Prayer for Peace 9:43
2. Don Don 7:52
3. Ruffus 7:20
4. 13-26, 06 (dedicated to the memory of My Brother Wojtek) 4:56
5. Tenor's Dance 7:45
6. T.T. Blues (Tapta Tapta Blues) 7:59

All compositions by Dariusz Herbasz.

total time - 45:37
wydano: 2012
nagrano: Recorded March 12-13, 2012 at Tokarnia Studio by Jacek Namysłowski & Jan Smoczyński. Mixed & mastered by Jan Smoczyński.

Cover art and design by Adam Nowaczyk.

more info: www.multikulti.com
more info2: www.myspace.com/darekherbasz

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