Dietrich Buxtehude: Opera Omnia VI - Harpsichord works II [2CD]

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Dieterich Buxtehude (Dietrich, Diderich) was a German-Danish organist and a highly regarded composer of the baroque period. His organ works comprise a central part of the standard organ repertoire and are frequently performed at recitals and church services. He wrote in a wide variety of vocal and instrumental idioms, and his style strongly influenced many composers, including Johann Sebastian Bach. Organist at the Marienkirche in Lübeck for most of his life, Buxtehude is considered today to be the leading German composer in the time between Schütz and Bach. In this sixth volume (double-cd) of the Opera Omnia of Dieterich Buxtehude, Ton Koopman touches the composers harpsichord works as being a part of his impressive output that is still, alas, insufficiently known. In total his harpsichord-compositions comprise four cd's, one more than Koopman optimistically stated in the first volume. The Suites offer many opportunities for improvisation, or 'diminutions', as they are called in the 17th century. Koopman employs a heavy dose of Italian esprit.

Ton Koopman: harpsichord
CD 1:
1. Aria in C BuxWV 246
2. Suite in e BuxWV 236
3. Aria in a BuxWV 249
4. Suite in F BuxWV 239
5. Suite a BuxWV deest
6. Canzona in d BuxWV 168
7. Suite in a BuxWV244
8. Suite in C Bux 227
9. Toccata in G BuxWV 165

CD 2:
1. Aria Rofilis in d BuxWV 248
2. Suite in G BuxWV 240
3. Suite in e BuxWV 237
4. Canzona in C BuxWV 166
5. Courante in d BuxWV Anhang 6
6. Suite in g BuxWV 241
7. Suite in C BuxWV 229

total time - CD 1: 62:02
CD 2: 35:02
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