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Americana / Beyond Jazz / Bluegrass
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kontynent: Europa
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Editor's info:
Checkpoint, like the first album of The Unseen Guest, beautifully weaves two influences into a seamless whole. The instrumentation combines bluesy melodies (check out the harmonica work of Curtis King on Miracle Mile) with elements from pop, folk, rock and free jazz. To describe the album as a combination of the best of eastern and western musical styles would not be an exaggeration. The album closes with an excellent rendition of Leonard Cohen's Everybody Knows, which is familiar yet new, with a beautiful string arrangement.

It is only on a second listening that the listener realizes that some of the album's sounds are distinctively Indian - percussion instruments like the dholaks on Ancient Greek, and the gan-jra on the Whitest Lie. The tablas pop nicely, the sax is rich and one can feel the dusty roads of India in Declan's voice. The listener gets a continual variety of pleasant surprises through-out!

Imagine a jailhouse where you're always free...

At times world weary, at times full of joy, Checkpoint is a traveller's diary, full of witnessed dualities and memories recorded on the spur of the moment. Not the cliches of East and West, but the stuff of novels and good movies: wanderlust versus security, love versus cyni-cism, the wildness of Saturday night and the regrets of Sunday morning.

Checkpoint is an apt title for the Unseen Guest's second album. With it, Declan and Amith acknowledge the successful musical territory of their first album - but they keep moving forward. A solid collection of eleven songs, Checkpoint combines the best of two (or more) worlds. The Unseen Guest have produced yet another beautiful dusty snapshot of life on the road, one you can sing and dance to!

Checkpoint by the Unseen Guest: Two men, two countries, one fine album!

Declan Murray - Lead vocals, guitars, slide guitar, bass guitar, piano and bongos
Amith Narayan - Harmony vocals, guitars, mandolin, veena and bass guitar

1. Miracle Mile
2. Dont't Let It Show
3. Love Song #10
4. Black Hole
5. The Whitest Lie
6. Place Your Bets
7. Ancient Greek
8. Reduce It To A Kiss
9. Snowstorm
10. Conga Line
11. Everybody Knows

wydano: 2007
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