Dub Revolution - UK Roots: High Steppin'

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Avant Dub
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Produced by S. H. "Skiz" Fernando Jr. Mastered at Greenpoint Studios, Brooklyn, NY.

Skiz, author of The New Beats, Exploring The Music, Culture and Attitudes of Hip Hop - Anchor Books, 1994, has served as executive producer in bringing these groups together and securing their most definitive tracks for this release.

"Also from ROIR comes Dub Revolution: U.K. Roots High Steppin' to the Future, an impressive and nearly psychedelic compilation of dub from England. The combined effect of all these different dubbers...makes this a delightful anthology and an excellent window on the world of British dub." - The Beat

"Each track is to be savored and each dubmaster's style a treat to be studied. If you like dub music even a little bit, you will enjoy this album. If you are a dub freak, be forewarned and prepared - you'll wear this one out." - Dub Missive

The Disciples
Zion Train
Bush Chemists
Alpha & Omega
Centry Meets The Music Family
Little Lord Creator
Tribulation All Stars
Fish & Goat at the Controls

1. "Dub Revolution" - The Disciples
2. "Cuttlefish Dub" - Zion Train
3. Tribal Dub" - Bush Chemists
4. "Genesis Dub" - Testament
5. "Contentious Dub" - Alpha & Omega
6. "Release The Chains" - Centry Meets The Music Family
7. "Crying Blood" - Little Lord Creator
8. "Mountain Of Hadith" - Scarab
9. "Dub Thru Jah" - Tribulation All Stars
10. "Warm The Nations" - Fish & Goat at the Controls,
11. "Dub-Hop Anthem" - WordSound

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