Dubbin Away

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Avant Dub
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What does one of the world's most famous Jamaican Dub Poets do when he is not "Dub-Poeting"?

He produces hard dub instrumental records!!

Along with Mutabaruka and Linton Kwesi Johnson, Oku Onuora is pre-eminent as defining the genre "Dub Poetry". In addition, however, Onuora has proven himself to be a major player in the ranks of instrumental dub producers. In the tradition of Lee "Scratch" Perry, Niney the Observer, Mikey Dread and Prince Far I, he is at home in the studio creating "wizard" hardcore dub tracks, heavy on echo, reverb, digital delay and restructured vocal sampling.

Dubbin' Away, his new CD for ROIR, is much more of a tough dub record than a dub poet outing. Oku has gone back to his original master tapes for some of his earlier recordings and re-mastered, recreated and reinvented them for their pure dub "version" effect. At the age of 19, Oku robbed a Jamaican Post Office in an effort to raise money for a community school he was helping to fund - a la Robin Hood. Caught and sentenced to 15 years for armed robbery, Oku escaped twice - upon his second capture he survived 5 bullets to his chest, arms and legs. Even within the harshest of circumstances - incarceration within Jamaica's notorious General Penitentiary, Oku's dissident and revolutionary spirit could not be extinguished.

Under the tutelage of Rasta Elder Negus, Oku's voice could be heard through poetry, establishing himself at the forefront of a growing movement of dub poets. His recognition amongst the Jamaican "suffrahs" led to increasing fame both inside and outside of his prison walls. Released early for "good behavior" and an aptitude in literature and poetry, Oku has continued his uphill struggle, fighting for the oppressed all around the world.

"Oku Onuora is the fire rocking in the belly of the beast - the man who transformed the dark vortex of heavy instrumental reggae." - NME

"Shook the rafters with the sound of revolution - uncompromising." - Reggae, Rasta, Revolution

"Some of the most hypnotic, thick, jagged and moody dub instrumentals - percolating, soothing." - Melody Maker

"Hard-edged, loose-limbed and wonderful instrumental work." - Carl Howard

"State of the art guerrilla dub that is taut, relentless, passionate, prophetic, militant, sensitive and graceful." - Sound Effects

"The music pulses with it's own emotive intent. Hard, hypnotic dub - a sumptuous dub feast full of passionate rhythms and pulsating echoes that will spin your head and light the groove fire within you." - Elena Oumano, Record Roundup

"Hard edged fast paced." - Chuck Foster, Reggae Beat

"An enigma in that this release contains not one word of his acclaimed poetry. A bold and daring move and a most successful one. Oku does to the music much of the same as he does to his poems." - Reggae Report

"Taut, relentless, filled with passion, prophecy, militancy - tough dub." - Raps Magazine

"Some of the hardest reggae rhythms and dub sound effects to be found." - L.A. Life

"His music embodies the outlaw spirit - as rock solid a bottom as you can get." - CMJ

"The most savage and extreme use of reverb and echo I've heard." - Reflex

"Raises everybody to a cathartic consciousness of vital blood and vile. His command is so devastatingly competent, it must be state of the art guerrilla warfare. You can't help wondering how this man who spent 7 years in prison in Jamaica can still produce so much energy." - The Daily Gleaner, Jamaica

"Like a bomb it actually explode"- Oku Onuora

Oku Onuora
Sly Dunbar
Robbie Shakespeare
Aston "Family Man" Barrett
Courtney Panton
Cedric "Im" Brooks
Ras Bonito
Musa Wadia
David Hewitt
Simon Adonai
Carl Davis
Barrington Bailey
Owen Iblaka Ellis
Junior Wedderburn
Ashley Kirby
Jofre Venner
Carl Ayton
Hugh "Pappy" Pape
Obayana Olumide
Style Scott

1. Defiance
2. Dub Out
3. Untitled Dub
4. Dubble Trouble
5. We'll Keep On Struggling
6. Dub Can't Wait
7. Sun Dub (Solar Dub)
8. Dub Pressure
9. Dub Sketches
10. A Slum Dweller Declares
11. Dub Changes
12. Dubbing Away
13. Ruff Dub
14. Cumin Dub
15. More Dub
16. Fia Dub
17. Tears

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