Liedjes met Wortels

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Editor's info:
Elan was an extraordinary girl.
She could hear everything. Everywhere she went, she heard snatches of song.
One night, Elan had a dream. She dreamt of making a huge machine to collect all the songs in.
The very next day, she left.

With her tape recorder tucked under her arm, she travelled all over the world collecting songs that could send babies to sleep, songs that could heal, songs for curing headaches, songs to make people happy and songs for celebrations; but also songs that tickled, songs that stung, and songs for poking fun at people.

Using Elan’s story as the connecting thread, singer Soetkin Baptist and lutist Jan Van Outryve have selected a series of gems from the musicologist Alan Lomax’s gigantic archive. Lomax built up an impressive collection of songs during many years of world travel.

Soetkin Baptist - Vocals
Jan Van Outryve - Lute
Didier Francois
Naomi Beeldens - Vocals
Tijl Piryns - Percussion
Tim Vandenbergh - Double bass
Aline Goffin - Vocals
Olalla Alemán

1. Ouverture 02:02
2. Elan was een bijzonder meisje 03:20
3. Travel song I 02:16
4. Ze klopte aan bij een klein huisje in de duinen... 00:11
5. Dodo Petit Popo 06:15
6. Het liedje werkte uitstekend... 01:32
7. Geordie 05:01
8. Zeppelin 01:13
9. En toen landde ze gelukkig zacht... 00:37
10. En Belen nació un nino 02:03
11. Na het stro uit haar bandopnemer te hebben geplukt... 00:32
12. Mustraturi Pentru Sezatoare 02:23
13. Travel song II 02:26
14. Pizzica Taranta 01:51
15. Langzaam verdween het gif... 00:53
16. Bressay Lullaby 03:29
17. Exploring 02:43

wydano: 23 June 2017
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