Leaving Traces

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Sietske Roscam Abbing is a storyteller in words and music. The new album Leaving Traces is - like the debut album (Where It Starts Again) a collaboration between Sietske as a lyricist and Dirk Balthaus, one of Germany's finest pianists, as the composer of most the music (partly together with Sietske). The band is complemented by superb musicians: Marco Zenini (double bass), Eran Har Even (guitar) and Efraim Schulz-Wackerbarth (drums).

“I always have in mind that I want a song to tell some kind of a story,” Sietske explains, “words that are supported by the musical arrangement. I've spent many afternoons with Dirk. Sometimes I'll have a lyric or a melody with words and we'll elaborate on that, working out the rest of the music. Mostly we start from a musical idea, a melody, a chord progression or a rhythm. It begins with a certain mood, which relates to the core of a story and evolves from there.”

One senses from Dirk that the creative process can sometimes be infuriating but highly productive, “I think we're a really great team. I love the lyrics, especially the late ones that come in one day before the recording. They're so much in the moment, in the here-and-now.” He sees Sietske as “...not holding back her inner world. I’ve always liked the gentle sound of her voice and her curiosity. But now there is more confidence in her musical ideas. Her
phrasing has become more clear and free. I also hear more power and expression.”

As with many tracks on the new CD, Chasing Rainbows has pace and rhythm in its composition and is complemented by Sietske’s beautiful diction and poetic storyline. “That's the first track of the CD,” explains Dirk.

“It's about being young. Since I'm 20 years older than the other band members, I really love that. Go into the park, see what's happening, enjoy the day. Follow your dream. That makes me feel young again, I love it.” Sietske’s view of the piece is a little different, “It’s cheesy when I explain it. You have moments when you think, oh, this is just perfect, a summer day, everything is great, then immediately afterwards you think, everything can be worse after this and you wish you could hold onto it, imprint the feeling of it in your brain so you'll be able to feel like this again.”

Marco Zenini - Bass
Efraim Schulz Wackerbarth - Drums
Sietske Roscam Abbing - Vocals
Dirk Balthaus - Piano
Eran Har Even - Guitar

1. Chasing rainbows 04:43
2. Leaving traces 04:12
3. Let the rain come 03:51
4. Clarity 03:07
5. Common ground 05:13
6. Little one 03:32
7. Two feet on shore 03:36
8. Cease to wait 04:53
9. Solstice 02:57
10. Another way 03:34

wydano: 2017-10-10
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